To Blog Or To Vlog: Choosing Your Online Money-Making Persona

For internet savvy people, they should be familiar with the terms "blogger" and "vlogger". But for those who are just getting started on the web, they should know that these two terms are very similar as they are very different.

Bloggers have been around longer than vloggers. These people write articles for the web around specific niche (called blogs), allowing readers to read those articles over the internet like a newspaper or a magazine.

Vloggers on the other hand, are associated with the more modern medium, in which they create videos for the YouTube culture.

While both bloggers and vloggers can certainly create contents without anything in return, most of these people do it for the fame and fortune.

Yes, bloggers and vloggers can make a lot of money. Successful ones earn from ads, affiliates, sponsors and others. And with the more readers and viewers they get, their earnings should increase accordingly.

But how do they differ in terms of monetization? If you want to earn money online from either of the two, "which one suits me best?"

To know that, here is a more detailed explanation:

The Two Different Personas



If you prefer to work behind the scene, with your online persona getting tied less with your real-life identity, blogging could be your best bet.

The main advantage of creating a blog is that, you can work anywhere you want. All you need is just a computer and/or smartphone, and a decent internet connection. From there, you can create a blog for free. You can then start creating blog posts, with a few posts a day to maximize your chances of visibility.

But there are some disadvantages if compared to vloggers.

First of all, blogs are mostly made by written text with some images and videos. When consuming a blog, viewers need to read and scroll. This experience is rather "dull" in the modern days of the internet that has pampered people with things that can be much more "interesting".

In short, blogs are often less attractive that video contents vloggers create.

Second, you need to create a lot more posts to be comparable with vloggers. For example, most bloggers need to post more than two posts per day, while vloggers can just create two videos per week to get the same result.



Vlogs are considered the next generation of blogs. They can deliver the same information, but using a different medium.

When blogs can be rather boring, vlogs can be a lot more interesting because videos can include lots of effects, like great background music and scripts. With vloggers showing themselves in person, they can engage with the audience in ways bloggers find it difficult.

When blogs are more likely visited by those who seek true information about something, audience of vlogs may seek the fun factor, rather than just mere contents.

In other words, vlogs are more like an entertainment medium.

Vloggers may not need to bother about creating the perfect keywords or learn SEO to a degree. What matters to vloggers is that, they need to have videos perfected to be uploaded to YouTube. That's it. They can put some keywords on the description box, but those words don't affect much.

The advantages of vlogs come with several disadvantages.

For example, videos that have been posted, cannot be changed once they have been published. So if you made some mistakes while recording, and have uploaded the video to YouTube, you're stuck with that fact forever, unless you want to remove the said video and upload a new (re-edited) one.

Bloggers won't experience this, because any mistakes they made after posting an article, can be edited very easily without any extra effort.


Bloggers win here.

In general, becoming a blogger requires very little investment. Almost anyone with a passion for writing and good ideas for a niche can start a blog and earn money.

But if you want to have better authority and credibility, it's better for you to purchase a domain name of your own, and learn some web design/web development basics. You may also learn search engine optimization to rank your posts and blog higher on search engines.

Pro bloggers often invest in DSLR cameras to capture quality pictures for their blog post, acquire good skills and knowledge on editing apps like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and others, and utilize dedicated tools and apps to help run their website.

Going beyond that, popular blogs also have security measures and reliable hosting to prevent hack attacks. They may also hire more writers to create more posts, and to also keep up with deadlines

At this level, professional blogging can be more than a one man's job.

As of vloggers, yes, they can vlog using their smartphone. But this won't give them great results. To create videos like popular YouTubers, you need to spend extra for things like digital cameras, external microphones, custom lights, high-spec computer capable of editing videos, and more.

Besides that, you are also required to be good in video editing app, like Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe After Effect, etc..

Not to mention that videos are huge in size if compared to text/image-orianted blog post, vloggers need to have a fast and reliable internet connection. And if they want to broadcast live, they have to subscribe to a stable internet connection.

And if you want to go beyond that, you may want to have a studio to record videos, as well as hiring some professionals to help you with deadlines, or to record and edit your videos to make it even more professional.

Both blogging and vlogging require investments. But in case of vlogs, the cost is usually higher. And similar to pro bloggers, pro vloggers can be much more than a one man's job.

Monetization Options


If bloggers and vloggers want to earn money through monetization, they have a lot of options.

The most popular is by using AdSense. This Google's advertising program not only allows you to monetize your blog, as it also allows you to monetize your YouTube videos as part of the YouTube partner program.

So if you have a successful blog or YouTube channel with entertaining and engaging videos which people love to watch, Google will gladly accept you into their advertising program. Being accepted, you can start showing ads on your contents just about instantly.

The main differences about ads for bloggers and vloggers, include the ads' placements and types.

Owning a blog on your own domain, you are free to do whatever you like. You can place a banner on top, on the sidebar, between the paragraphs, at the bottom, create pop-ups, and many more. Using AdSense, there are limitations, but still more flexible.

For vloggers, they are tied with YouTube's rules and layout.

However, blogs are often limited with banner ads and short-looping videos. This is not the case with vlogs, as YouTube allows much more engaging ads to be shown.

And when regarding "how much you can earn", the answer is relative.

If you have a good blog post or video, with advertisers willing to put ads on your page, the more income you should be generating. Both bloggers and bloggers can earn from selling affiliate products and earn from sponsors.

But to earn their interest, bloggers and vloggers must first have a decent amount of visitors/viewers/subscribers to create attention.

Which One Is Best

Blog or Vlog

Short answer: it depends.

Long answer: your choice depends on your capacity, capability and passion, as well as how you want to deliver your online persona.

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In vloggers' case for example, they need to be able to perform fluently in front of the camera, and create videos that are both entertaining and engaging. If they have the passion for this, becoming a vlogger shouldn't be an issue.

Then there the capacity. For example, if you want to perform mukbang, do you have the guts to do that? If you want to travel the world for your vlog, do you have the energy (and the resources that include money/sponsors) to do that?

Do you have the resources (and hardware) to create high-quality and compelling videos?

If you have the talents that match your viewers? Remember that vlogging should also have a niche, and this is why you should ready and come prepared for long-term project.

And for not least, remember that as a vlogger, you're tied with YouTube. The question is: Do you want to obey YouTube's rule and have your videos being tied to its platform? Being tied here means that, YouTube has the ability to downrank your videos if it sees it necessary.

If you want to be a blogger for free, you are also tied to the respective platform you're using. But if you use your own domain, you are not tied to anyone or anything. You can put ads from AdSense or any other advertising programs with relative ease. You're not tied to Google or any of its properties, due to the fact that choices of monetization are too many to count.

But remember that as a blogger, most of your audience will remember you by your nickname or author name. You're more concealed, and may not earn that reputation popular vloggers tend to get.

The next thing to consider, is your audience.

Both bloggers and vloggers should know who they are targeting to increase monetization options/revenue, and engagements.


Blos and vlogs can earn you money. To some professionals, the amount can indeed be staggering.

As you can see or have experienced, creating a blog or vlog might be easy. But know the fact that creating a "quality" content is never an easy task.

You need to have that passion for the work, the ability to deliver the information in the most compelling way possible, and the knowledge to explain your reasoning. To become a blogger or vlogger is entirely your choice, there is no way of saying one is better than the other.

As long as you have the capacity and dedication, you're just a few steps closer to success.

Remember that everything takes time. People won't get to that fame and fortune overnight. Becoming a blogger/vlogger is a hard word that requires focus. So if you have what it takes to get started, the web here is always waiting for you.

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