The Fast And Ultra-Private Firefox Focus, Is Having A Big Update

Firefox Focus is a privacy-focused browser, available for the Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch mobile devices, as well as Android smartphone and tablet devices.

The browser is Mozilla's answer to the growing trend of invasive ad tracking, and since launch, it’s has been quite successful. And for that reason, Mozilla has released Firefox Focus 4.0 which comes with several enhancements, including:

  • A fully customizable URL Autocomplete. This is a feature that tries to guess what users are going to type before they finish, something that is similar to the URL predictions on Google Chrome.
  • The ability to create shortcuts to individual websites. This is where users can add specific domain names, or those website addresses they visit on a regular basis
  • The ability to add alternative search engines. Mozilla gives the example of Rotten Tomatoes. Adding this to Firefox Focus as a search engine would allow users to see the ranking of a particular film, without having to go to the Rotten Tomatoes homepage.

Mozilla first launched Firefox Focus in November, 2016. The goal behind it, was to be an ultra-fast and privacy-focused version of the already-popular open source browser.

By default, Focus blocks third-party advertising and online trackers, with the goal of both improving browsing speed and protecting users' privacy. Then Mozilla marries that security protection with a minimalistic interface.

Focus also has content blocking feature which is achieved using the Disconnect block lists (also used in Firefox on desktop systems for the Tracking Protection feature).

The result is a web browser that doesn’t have a the full-fledged Firefox’s features, but boasts a built-in ad blocker, simple search engine, and one-button tool that deletes activity logs. And Firefox 4.0 doesn't go far from that, as Mozilla is careful to not compromise its vision.

But along the way, Mozilla has added a bit of polishing here and there, including support for better notifications, downloads, and full-screen videos.