Brave VPN Offering Allow Cross-Device Subscriptions, Multi-Platform Protection

Brave firewall VPN

To expand one's reach, providing enhancement is one of the best ways to gain attention, and credibility.

In the day where privacy has become a concern, Brave has taken things a step further up, by bringing its Guardian-powered VPN to its desktop web browser, to both Mac and Windows.

What this means, the company finally completes its VPN offerings, which have been available on both Android and iOS.

This allows Brave to offer full cross-device subscriptions, for a multi-platform protection.

According to its announcement:

"Today, almost everyone uses the Internet on more than one device (like your laptop at home, and your phone on the go). Brave’s new cross-device VPN subscription model lets you connect and protect five devices—across Android and iOS, macOS and Windows—to one subscription."

The VPN Brave is offering, also comes with a dedicated Firewall.

This allows the feature to block trackers in every app on users' device, even beyond the Brave browser.

Brave, of course, has been known for its privacy-centric browser.

For this reason, and specifically, the Firewall + VPN masks users' IP address, changes users' online location, prevents users' ISP from snooping on their activities, lets users access their favorite content no matter where they are geographically, and protects their internet traffic via apps outside the Brave browser, the company notes.

The service is powered by Guardian, which stores no log files and uses no cookies.

What this means, when Brave users browse the web using Brave Firewall + VPN, the browser will hide their personal information.

It's worth noting, that while Brave Firewall + VPN can hide users' identity outside the browser, and within other apps, users must first turn off what’s known as the Windows Smart Multi-Homed Name Resolution Feature for additional privacy.

"The problem only affects apps outside of Brave; as long as you use Brave VPN, your activity within the Brave browser is protected even with Smart Multi-Homed Name Resolution in place," explained Brave.

Due to the many things the feature can block and hide, Brave believes that its combination of services offers close to, if not absolute privacy.

"When choosing a VPN, you’re trusting the provider with your data," said Brave.

"We can’t store any of your connection or browsing data, because we don’t collect any of it in the first place."