Opera Announces Partnership With OpenAI To Help Its 'AI-Generated Content' Ambition


Opera is the underdog of web browsers. But regardless, it is unique in its own way. And this time, it's having a thing even Google Chrome doesn't.

And that is an official support for OpenAI's AIs. The browser maker announced a collaboration OpenAI, weeks after it announced its plans to expand its existing AI program by entering the AI-generated content (AIGC) space through its own solutions and existing partnerships.

Through the partnership, Opera is given an access to OpenAI's API, in order to give the AI the ability to create generate content directly through the browser, as well as personalized support from OpenAI’s research team.

In a blog post:

"This will allow the Oslo-based browser company to reshape the upcoming versions of its PC and mobile browsers towards the needs of the future versions of the Web. Opera browser users will be able to benefit from everything AI-backed browsing has to offer."

"With this collaboration, Opera aims to integrate artificial intelligence and generative computing technologies into its products, reimagining the user experience."

Right before this, Opera announced its plans to add popular AI-generated content services to the browser sidebar, among other features.

What it does, is simplifying the functions of the browsers.

The 'Shorten' button in the address bar that is mean to make use of the AI to generate short summaries of any webpage or article.

Overall, Opera said that it was planning to develop tools to help users filter through the massive surge of AI-made content due to the onset of generators such as ChatGPT.

While ChatGPT has its own disadvantages, ChatGPT is the hype, simply because the world has never seen this kind of technology before, and how they're awed by its potential.

ChatGPT hit a 100 million user milestone in early February, with approximately 13 million unique visitors daily in January.

This makes it the fastest-growing consumer-based app the world has ever seen.

Opera ChatGPT Integration
Opera ChatGPT Integration. (Credit: Opera)

Thanks to OpenAI, now, many others are racing on the same track, using similar vehicles, but for different purposes.

When the company introduced ChatGPT, the technology took the world by storm. Soon, as many realized the potential and the ability of the AI, ChatGPT has since touted as the "Google killer."

It even sent a "code red" to Google.

After Microsoft, which invested its own money on OpenAI, started using the technology for Bing and Edge, Google that is now in the race, has introduced Bard, its own ChatGPT competitor.

Bing then ramped it up with the chatbot, even making rounds of headlines when its custom ChatGPT-powered Bing managed to develop 'emotions.'

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