The Case Between YouTuber Ria Ricis, And The Security Guard Who Blackmailed Her For Firing Him


Ria Ricis, whose full name is Ria Yunita, is a well-known Indonesian YouTuber, social media influencer, and content creator.

Born in 1995 in Batam, the youngest of the three siblings has a strong presence on Indonesia's internet, where she shares various types of content, including vlogs, challenges, and music videos.

Through her YouTube channel, Ricis Official, she has amassed over 45.9 million subscribers and features more than 4,000 videos.

In all, Ricis has made a significant impact in the Indonesian digital space, and her content continues to resonate with her large audience.

But not all audience has good intensions.

Ria Ricis
Ria Ricis, filing a case.

This time, Ricis is involved in a case, where it was reported that she was blackmailed and threatened by a former security guard who had been fired.

The individual demanded Rp 300 million (around $18,000) in exchange for not releasing personal photos and videos of Ricis.

The threats extended not only to her, but also to several of her family members and her management team.

Ricis was silent, but later filed a case, after the man leaked a few photos he stole.

"She reported on June 7th after she received threats through electronic media that her private photos or videos would be spread on social media," said Police Commissioner Ade Ary, the Head of Public Relations for the Jakarta Metropolitan Police.

"If the victim does not give a certain amount of money, which the reporter mentioned is Rp 300 million. The bank account number mentioned in the threat is in the name of Jeki," added Ade Ary.

Three days later, the police arrested the perpetrator.

The man in question, who goes with the initial AP, was Ricis' security guard at her residence.

The man was able to obtain these private materials through accessing Ricis’ electronic systems, from the CCTV footage from her home, as well as from her smartphone.

AP had access to these because as a security guard working for Ricis, he was free to enter the property.

Ria Ricis
Ria Ricis standing by the swimming pool at her residence (left), a photo of AP (right, censored).

The motive behind the threats was reportedly a combination of feeling wronged after being dismissed from his job and financial needs.

In this case, the police seized a number of pieces of evidence from AP.

Among them, include a smartphone, a SIM card, and up to three social media accounts that AP created and managed.

"Accessing the victim’s electronic system illegally, which contains information and electronic documents belonging to the victim," said the Director of Criminal Investigation of the Metro Jaya Police, Commissioner Ade Safri Simanjuntak, to reporters on June 11.

Following he arrest, AP faces charges under several articles of the Indonesian Electronic Information and Transactions Law, with a potential maximum sentence of 8 years.

It's worth noting that the police said that the photos and videos of Ricis that AP had stolen are private, but nothing pornographic.

Ricis later clarified that some of the photos and videos AP stole were stolen from her smartphone.

"I once handed my phone to him, and it turned out to be misused," Ricis wrote in her Instagram Story.

Before this, Ricis had her divorce papers leaked to the internet.