Alexa Internet Website Redesigns To Welcome Its First Huge Update In Years

Alexa Internet is an Amazon subsidiary, popular for its Alexa Rank.

It may not have that shine it previously had with web developers, webmasters, web owners and SEO specialists back in its glorious days, but that didn't stop it from introducing some improvements and updates.

and here, the website that has been providing the analytics data for many sites around the world for decades, has been redesigned with a tab called 'Preview'. Initially launched in Alpha, what it does is showing a lot more information about a website, that include.

  • Keyword Opportunities: with recommendations how to drive more traffic, and how to find valuable keywords.
  • Competitive Analysis: with side-by-side performance comparison for finding growth opportunities.
  • Traffic Statistics: to track popularity and engagement with monthly site metrics.

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It has long been Alexa's obsession to empower customers through compelling and actionable insights that drive measurable results for their business.

Alexa is regarded as one of the global pioneer in the world of analytical insight. Its traffic estimates are based on data from its global traffic panel, which is a sample of millions of internet users using one of many different browser extensions.

"In addition, we gather much of our traffic data from direct sources in the form of sites that have chosen to install the Alexa script on their site and certify their metrics. However, site owners can always choose to keep their certified metrics private," explained Alexa on its About page.

Founded in 1996 in San Francisco, It was 1999 that the company moved away from its original vision of providing an "intelligent" search engine.

This was when Alexa was acquired by for approximately US$250 million in Amazon stock.

Alexa more data
The Alexa website is getting its first largest upgrade in years

Alexa's global traffic rank is a measurement of how a website is doing relative to all other websites on the web over the past 3 months.

The rank is calculated using a methodology that combines a site's estimated average of daily unique visitors and its estimated number of pageviews.

But in the modern days of the internet, where there are practically many other "Alexas", numbers will and should always be regarded as numbers.

On the web, SEO specialists and marketers tend to stick numbers on things, usually to compare their work with their previous works, or just to contrast them with similar things. Webmasters and web owners always want to compare their work with other sites, and this is where web traffic analysis is useful.

Benefits of Alexa include the ability to compare web traffic with others, knowing certain metrics and their performance, as well as knowing the potential to bid ad space among others. As opposed to Google's PageRank, the lower the Alexa Rank, the better.

Alexa is regarded as one of the oldest player in the field, and that it has gained a big reputation because it influenced a lot of people to use its numbers as benchmarks.

Alexa's popularity has faded through the years, and the update here is one of its way to remain relevant in this fast-paced digital world.