Firefox Quantum For Enterprise Allows Professional Customization For Employees

Mozilla released Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, a version of Firefox web browser which allows IT professionals to customize to meet the needs of their employees and workplace.

Similar to how users would set up personal Firefox browsers with their own preferences, IT professionals can also configure Firefox Quantum for Enterprise for an organization using either Group Policy on Windows or a JSON file that works across Mac, Linux, and Windows operating systems, according to Mozilla's blog post.

"It’s not uncommon for people to use many different browsers, one they personally use at home and another at the office."

Using Windows Group Policy to build an enterprise Firefox configuration

Using Firefox Quantum for Enterprise, IT professionals can deploy either the standard Rapid Release (RR) of Firefox, or the Extended Support Release (ESR).

"The standard Rapid Release auto-updates with performance improvements and new features roughly every six weeks, while the Extended Support Release usually receives these features in one big upgrade per year. Both Rapid Release and Extended Support Release receive critical security updates as soon as possible," said Mozilla.

Firefox Quantum for Enterprise is the first browser to support Web Authentication (WebAuthn) security standards, a set of anti-phishing rules that use authenticators and cryptography to protect users' accounts.

Using WebAuthn, users can use a single device like a YubiKey to log into online accounts without having to type any password, or for extra protection after entering a password.

This feature only works on websites that have adopted WebAuthn. Those sites can recognize users' YubiKey and allow users' access, the post said. In the future. Mozilla has plans to make WebAuthn support mobile phones or biometrics for authentication, along with physical security keys.

Firefox Quantum for Enterprise also includes the New Tab Experience, a feature that first rolled out with Firefox Quantum in 2017.

The feature offers a snapshot of the top sites users have visited, recent history and bookmarks, and recommendations from Pocket. And as for Firefox for Android, Mozilla is shipping the browser with a the Stylo CSS engine which is optimized for mobile devices and low power consumption.

With enterprise features and upgraded security measures, Firefox Quantum for Enterprise could better position Mozilla to overtake competitors like Chrome in the business world.