GitHub App Improves Code Review With Line Wrapping Toggle, Multiple Comments, And More

GitHub mobile app

It was back in March 2020 that GitHub launched its mobile app to allow developers view and review their project’s code on the go.

Initially, the app doesn't do much, despite packing some useful features. And this time, GitHub is improving it in a lot of ways.

For example, GitHub is bringing multiple enhancements such as the file switcher button and the ability to comment on multiple lines of code to the app that makes the task much easier.

In a blog post, GitHub wrote that:

"GitHub for mobile lets you get a lot done without having to sit at your desk."

"The new version of GitHub for mobile features an overhaul of the code review experience."

The first notable, is the toggle for comment wrapping.

After the app was launched in March, a lot of developers asked for an option to stop line warping by default. And GitHub finally delivered.

"It can be super painful to read code on your mobile device when the lines keep wrapping. In fact, the ability to turn off line wrapping is the top feature request from the community. So we added a toggle for that!" wrote GitHub.

The next most notable, is GitHub in adding the ability for multi-line referencing and commenting.

This feature was made available on GitHub for the web in 2019. With the update of the app, GitHub is bringing this feature to mobile, so developers can use it by just long pressing on lines they want to leave a comment on.

"This is helpful when you need to explain how your suggestion fits into a broader context. Now you can do the same thing in GitHub for mobile. Just long press to enter multi-select mode," GitHub wrote.

"GitHub for mobile lets you get a lot done without having to sit at your desk. We’ve heard from users who use the app to review code while taking a walk or sipping coffee on their balcony. Oh, or boating down the Amazon river."

In addition to the two, GitHub has also added a handy file switcher button on the app, so developers can easily switch between files when they are handling multiple reviews.

GitHub is also giving developers more control over how their commit appears to their team.

GitHub said that since the GitHub app was launched in March, it has seen over 700,000 code reviews. With this major update of the app, GitHub hopes that it will boost the number even further.

The mobile app is available for users on Android and iOS, for individual plans, Team, and Enterprise Cloud.