Google Search Console Adds Filters For Search Appearance And More

Google has announced the roll out of filters on its Search Console. "We are happy to announce that the new Search Console is now available to all sites," wrote Google on its Webmaster Central blog.

The search giant has added a set of filters under the Performance report for "Search Appearance." The feature allows webmasters and web owners to compare or filter rich results, AMP non-rich results, AMP article, job listings and job details.

If they only want to see how well their AMP articles are doing, for example, they can filter the report to show that information. Or if they want to compare rich results to AMP non-rich results to AMP article results, they can do that as well.

Below is how the feature works in action:

With this filter feature, webmasters and web owners can easily isolate the performance of specific content types.

Google also added two additional features to the Google Search Console:

  1. Export option available on validation details page.
  2. Exported compare columns have labels.

Google said that it has plans to bring up more features to its Search Console. The company is opening itself for feedback, where users can express "which feature would you love to see in the next iteration of Search Console."

The team behind the project explained how Search Console UX has evolved based on response from users.

"We A/B tested some of the new Search Console reports against the existing reports with 30,000 users. We tracked issue fix rates to verify new Search Console drives better results and sent out follow-up surveys to learn about their experience," the team said.

Google is receiving feedback from users, primarily through: the help forums, the submit feedback link and a group of beta testers called the "Search Console panel."