Opera Introduces 'Aria', A Web Browser With Generative AI Natively Built Into It

Opera Aria

Generative AI is the hype, and many tech companies are piggybacking the hype, including Opera.

The browser maker has introduced its first implementation of ChatGPT, by bringing the OpenAI product into the sidebar of its desktop browser, and later, also to help users in generating short summaries of any webpage or article.

This time, it's going a step further.

And that is by introducing what it calls 'Aria.'

According to Opera in a blog post:

"Today we unveil Aria, our new browser AI. With Aria, you’re getting access to a leading generative AI service for free. Natively built into the browser, Aria marks the beginning of a new kind of browsing experience."

"Aria marks the next step in our plans to integrate generative AI services in our browsers, and is a result of our collaboration with OpenAI."

In other words, Aria is part of Opera’s browser AI strategy.

According to Opera, Aria is based on its 'Composer' infrastructure, in which Aria connects to OpenAI’s GPT technology, and is enhanced by additional capabilities such as adding live results from the web.

Because its incorporates OpenAI's generative AI, Aria is both a web and "a browser expert" that allows users to collaborate with AI while looking for information on the web, generating text or code, or getting product queries answered.

And because it uses Opera’s Composer infrastructure, Aria's capability is also expandable.

As explained by Opera, Composer allows Aria to connect to several AI models, and allows it for future expansion by integrating additional capabilities, such as search services from multiple Opera partners.

What's more, this allows Aria to unify everything into one innovative and coherent user experience.

Long story short, Aria is how Opera forges ahead with a browser AI, which allows users to interact with the web, aided by AI, directly from the browser.

The AI is initially introduced to the browser in the form of a chat interface that communicates directly with users.

Aria is a free service with up-to-date information, can be used by downloading the newest version of Opera One.

It's worth noting that Opera names its browser "Aria" for good reason.

In an opera, an "aria" is a solo piece sung by a person. It only contains one voice, with or without instrumental or orchestral accompaniment.

"What was Aria’s first task for Opera? It actually named itself 'Aria', arguing it’s a great name for Opera’s native Browser AI!" said Opera.