A Woman Went Viral On Social Media After Claiming To Be A Man To Marry A Woman


In Indonesia, the archipelago country in Southeast Asia, where Islam is the majority of its population's religion, LGBT activities is not only unlawful as they're also frowned upon.

Let alone same sex marriage.

And this time, Ahnaf Arrafif went viral on social media networks, caused by netizens' uproar who heard that Ahnaf is actually a woman, and that she pretended to be a man, in order to marry a woman.

Ahnaf's story went viral for the first time through a lengthy tweet thread from the @FashionkuStyle account on May 15th, saying that the victim felt cheated by her "husband," who turned out to be a real woman.

It is reported that the woman was tricked, and only realized that her husband was actually a woman, 10 months after marriage.

Ahnaf Arrafif.
Ahnaf Arrafif (right) and "his" future bride (left), in a pre-wedding photo.

It all began in Jambi, a province of Indonesia, located on the east coast of central Sumatra and spans to the Barisan Mountains in the west.

Nur Aini first met Ahnaf Arrafif through an online dating application, namely Tantan, on May 31, 2021.

Nur said that a friend of her told her to use the app to find a boyfriend.

This was when the Nur met Ahnaf online.

Nothing was out of the ordinary, and from what it all seemed, Afnaf is doing well financially.

The contact between the two was so intense that one day, Ahnaf came to meet Nur at her house in Jambi.

Ahnaf visited Nur not only to meet her in person for the first time, but to also propose.

On July 18, 2021, Ahnaf Arrafif married Nur in a customary marriage, without registering it with the authorities, because the groom did not carry an identity card.

Ahnaf's excuse was that, his ID was in the process of renaming, considering that Ahnaf is a Muslim convert.

Ahnaf claimed that his name was Petrus Gilbert Arrafif, before converting to Islam.

Afnaf promised a proper marriage ceremony, once his ID is issued.

After the common-law marriage, it didn't take long before Nur's mother became suspicious of her daughter's new husband.

Ahnaf Arrafif.
The wedding ceremony between Ahnaf Arrafif and Nur Aini. (Credit: @FashionkuStyle/Twitter)

First of, Ahnaf who claimed to be a neurosurgeon and a businessman, never seemed to leave the house.

Ahnaf who was living at Nur's parents' house after marriage to help take care of Nur's parents, spent most of her time at home.

Ahnaf also showed some unusual behavior, like for example, coming out of the bathroom fully dressed.

Second, Ahnaf never introduced his own family.

One day, Nur's mother asked her "son-in-law" to undress in front of her.

To prevent defamation claims, Siti asked the local level of governance and a senior enlisted rank official to be with her.

This was when it was realized that Ahnaf is actually a real woman, disguised as a man.

It was also realized that Ahnaf's real name, is Erayani.

It is said that Nur Aini was also suspicious of her own "husband."

For example, each and every time the two were going intimate, and were about to engage in sexual intercourse, Ahnaf would cover Nur's eyes with a cloth, or pashmina. Ahnaf would also turn off the lights.

Also, Ahnaf would only penetrated Nur using his hands and fingers.

In other words, Nur has never seen Ahnaf without clothes on.

"He (she) will use his (her) fingers. Sorry, let's be honest, my eyes are closed with pashmina," Nur said.

Nur also admitted that she was asked "not to look directly at Ahnaf’s genitals" whenever things turned steamy.

Ahnaf Arrafif.
Nur first met Ahnaf on a dating platform, where the latter claimed to be a Muslim convert. (Credit: @FashionkuStyle/Twitter)

"Okay, let's start talking after I was silent for more than 2 months waiting for the first trial for cases of fraud, sexual harassment, almost drowning," Nur said. "Religious harassment, identity falsification, falsification of academic degrees, defamation, harmed mentally, psychologically, mentally," the account wrote.

Nur who realized that she had been tricked, exposed her "husband" real identity, through doxxing.

She said that Ahnaf Arrafif, who she long thought to be a man of her dreams, is actually a lesbian.

Ahnaf was able to trick everyone, also because she somehow to effortlessly deepen her voice to sound like a man, and also because of his short hair.

Not only that, Ahnaf has a slim figure, with a thin waistline, narrow hips, and small breasts.

When Nur confronted her "husband" over the lumps on his chest, Ahnaf responded that it was a hormonal problem.


What's more, Ahnaf even attended Friday prayer, a congregational prayer Muslim men hold every Friday, after noon. Ahnaf also frequently played basketball, and gather with other men.

The traits among other things, make Ahnaf look more like a man than a woman, tricking Nur and her entire family.

Through the @FashionkuStyle account, Nur said that her reputation is affected, and said that Ahnaf had also scammed some Rp 300 million (~$20,000) from her and her family.

Ahnaf also allegedly tried to kill her.

Because of what she did, Erayani faces multiple charges, including falsifying identity, her qualifications as a doctor, claiming to be a different gender, and more.

Ahnaf Arrafif.
Ahnaf Arrafif, or Erayani, as a woman, in a photo using a hijab, long before the incident.