This 'AI Metal Bot' Imagines Bands That Don't Exist, Along With Their Artwork

AI Metal Bot

Humans are full of imagination. After all, that is why humans thrive as a civilization. And among the many things people can imagine, is making up names.

For example, people can make up band names. While it may seem like an easy task, a band name is like a brand name. It should be marketable and catchy. Some people are good in imagining band names, and apparently, so does computers. And this AI is showing that ability.

An AI bot on Twitter can come up with funny and interesting monikers, essentially doing all the heavy lifting.

Called the AI Metal Bot, it can come up with new metal band names, as well as creating their album names, and their artworks too.

The AI behind the scene, is OpenAI's GPT-2-simple to generate band and album names. As for the AI that generates the album art, AI Metal Bot uses big-sleep library, which can convert texts into images.

Name generation by an AI is nothing new. As a matter of fact, researchers have been using AI to come up with funny and interesting project names.

And OpenAI's GPT-2, is already one of the very best in doing the job.

When it was first introduced back in 2019, It has shown the ability in producing text rich with context, nuance and even humor. The AI is so good in doing what it's told to do, that OpenAI was afraid it could be misused, due to the fact that the algorithm was capable in generating passages of text that "feel close to human quality.".

As for the visualization, AI Metal Bot does not create sophisticated imagery. The images aren't of high quality, and rather in low-resolution.

But the main highlight here, is that they are uncanny, dreamlike, and psychedelic.

Or simply like how metal bands are better known to have.

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