Following Other Platforms, Quora Introduces Its Own Ad Unit For Promoted Answers

Quora is not a social media or a forum, so there aren't many "big things" happening there.

While viral things rarely happen on Quora, the platform has its influence with the many executives, professionals, celebrities and anyone in between asking questions to get answers. Quora lives under the radar to most people on the web, but as one of the most famous Q&A site, the platform's community opinions can pretty much answer anything.

Willing to catch up with the trends, the platform unveiled its own native ad unit called 'Promoted Answers'.

What it does, is offering marketers to promote organic contents posted on the site by themselves or others. Promoted Answers here feature a question and a portion of an answer, and a link that takes users to the full answer.

Because Promoted Answers are practically ads, they can be targeted in all the same ways as other units on Quora.

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Quora boasts add units that mimic the look and feel of the interface. These ads are better known as "native ads".

Promoted Answers are just like other native ads on the platform, but it's the first ad format for Quora that promotes organic content. This is pretty much like Twitter’s Promoted Tweets or Facebook’s Promoted Posts.

In a blog post announcing the launch, Quora said that the ad unit can extend the reach of businesses.

Though brands can promote any answer they want on the platform. The company said that advertisers are already seeing success with this Promoted Answers format, adding that client DuckDuckGo’s Promoted Answers were viewed over 200 times more than their non-promoted content - giving them millions of views.

Quora Promoted Answers for DuckDuckGo
"The format provides a flexible canvas to share detailed information about your product or service that goes beyond the characters allowed in normal ad copy and helps to facilitate engagement through upvotes, comments, and follows."

"If Quora users are already discussing your business, Promoted Answers are a great way to join the conversation surrounding your brand."

To get the most benefit from Promoted Answers ads, Quora suggested some tips in choosing answers to promote:

  • Choose high quality answers that adhere to Quora's content policy guidelines. Quora treats answers like they are "landing pages" of an ad for review.
  • Choose good answers, as they are helpful to anyone who wants to know the answer to the question.
  • While users can promote any answer, businesses may want to promote answers that are thought leadership pieces by a company founder, or answers about positive employee experiences.

Previously, Quora had introduced contextual and behavioral ad targeting as options to either narrow or widen audience targets.