With Mini Apps Coming To Telegram Messenger, This 'Hamster Kombat' Is Leading The Pack

Hamster Kombat

A privacy-focused messaging app and cryptocurrency. Bring them together, a hype can happen.

Telegram Messenger is one of the most popular messaging apps out there, and that it has long been a rival of bigger rivals, but by ensuring users that it's not backed by some tech titans that are known for profiting from user data.

And here, the messaging app is gathering cryptocurrency enthusiasts into what it calls the 'Hamster Kombat.'

The developer of the game, who gives the "Kombat" the letter K in a playful twist to give it a unique and memorable touch, created a mini app that resides inside Telegram, that is growing extremely fast that it broke several records.

The idea is to click and continue clicking, and keep on clicking, in order to level up from being a humble “shaved hamster” to the prestigious “grandmaster CEO".

The game has become something so phenomenal that Telegram founder Pavel Durov has something to say about this.

The immense surge is partly fueled by the fact that the game is a "play-to-earn" cryptocurrency mini-game.

Spearheaded by CEO of BingX, players of the game can discover daily combo cards to unlock or enhance and collect coins.

With giving players daily combos and rewards from completing quests, mining, and performing various tasks within the game, Hamster Kombat entices players to keep on playing every day.

Along the way, users can manage their exchange, strategically invest, and upgrade their hamsters, and climb the leaderboards to earn even more rewards.

But what makes it even more interesting for a lot of its players, the in-game coins can be converted into real tokens for withdrawal.

What's more, with NFT integration, since each hamster in the game is a customizable NFT that can be traded or sold on the marketplace, and a referral system, the game can be pretty addictive.

So, whether players are just a lover of the adorable animal or a cryptocurrency enthusiast, Hamster Kombat offers a unique and entertaining experience.

The game, which runs on the The Open Network (TON) blockchain, has its $HMSTR token listed on some leading cryptocurrency exchanges, which further enhanced the game's appeal and visibility.

Long story short, Hamster Kombat is a clicker game with a unique twist.

The premise is simple: players start out as a bald hamster who has signed a contract as the CEO of a cryptocurrency exchange. Players then tap on their hamster avatar to generate in-game coins, but the core mechanic requires players to purchase exchange upgrades to improve their profit per hour.

The goal, whether through diligent tapping or strategic management, is to earn as many virtual coins or points as possible.

Players can then expect that their loyalty will pay off when they're rewarded with future airdrops.

According to the team behind the casual game, the game is more like a "crypto exchange CEO simulator" game than anything else.

The game reached its first one million players in mere days, and that it gained 200 million players in three months.

On social media, its YouTube channel gained over 10 million subscribers in less than a week,

And in about three weeks after its initial launch, the YouTube channel reached 22 million subscribers, a feat that even surpassed MrBeast’s subscription metrics, the world’s biggest YouTube channel.