Twitter Starts Enabling People To Sign In From Their Google Or Apple Accounts

Twitter, Google Accounts and Apple ID signing in and signing up

Traditionally, Twitter requires new users to fill out a form to create new accounts.

This is changing, as Twitter is finally opening itself to third-party accounts. Here, Twitter is allowing users to sign in or sign up through their Google Account and Apple ID.

The company has been testing this functionality in the beta version of its apps for a while, before finally rolling it out to all users.

With the update, users who want to sign up for the first time, will be asked to specify their birth date and choose a user name for their account.

And existing users who wish to sign in through their Google or Apple accounts, can do so by first linking their existing Twitter accounts to their Google or Apple accounts.

Users can do this with Google through the Twitter app on both Android and iOS, or on the web. But at this time, linking Apple accounts is only possible on iOS devices.

It should be noted that users can link their existing account to their Google or Apple accounts if the email addresses are the same.

Google users have Google Accounts, and iOS device owners have Apple ID accounts. Either have more than a billion users.

Twitter on the other hand, has less than 500 million users.

Knowing that Twitter's growth is slowing down this 2021, if compared to the same period in 2020, by making third-party signing up an option, Twitter is making things easier for people to sign in to its service.

This small update has the potential of boosting growth tremendously, as it does make life a lot easier.

It’s likely no accident that Sign in with Google and Sign in with Apple are launching at the same time on Twitter, as Apple’s App Store guidelines require apps to include Apple as an option if the apps want to allow any other third-party logins.