92 billion videos were watched on Pornhub in 2016


Internet and porn have become inseparable. Pornhub, one of the largest porn website on the internet, has released its 2016 review. According to the data, the website has been visited by over 23 billion times throughout the year.

With that number, the visitors were watching 91,980,225,000 videos, or about 4.6 billion hours of porn.

With more people using mobile devices, people also shift their browsing habit from desktop to mobile. Pornhub revealed that over 60 percent of users were watching porn on their smartphones, and 11 percent of users were using tablets.

The website was also seeing a minor increase in traffic coming from consoles, with PlayStation and Xbox leading the charts, from 46 to 53 percent.

While desktop users accounted to less than 30 percent of all traffic, statistics revealed that 80 percent of desktop users were Microsoft Windows users, and 14 percent were Mac users.

Pornhub logo

On average, visitors on Pornhub stayed for 9 minutes and 36 seconds. The longest duration of visits came from users from the Philippines, spending an average of 12 minutes 45 seconds on the site. Cuba on the other hand, has the shortest duration at 4 minutes and 57 seconds.

The most popular search term was "lesbian," and in almost every country, "VR" was among the top gaining search terms. Searches for "Donald Trump" jumped 854 percent the day after the Presidential Election.

25 percent of Pornhub visitors were women.