Han So-Hee, 'Pelakor', And Hate Comment Bombardment


“The World of the Married” is a 2020 South Korean television series.from JTBC that set viewership records as soon as it premiered.

It sent on to then became the drama with the highest viewership ratings ever achieved on a Korean cable network.

Han So Hee who only debuted in 2017, received nationwide, and worldwide praise from viewers for her convincing acting throughout the show as pilates instructor Yeo Da Kyung, an only child born to a wealthy family.

In the drama, she has an affair with main character Lee Tae Oh (starred by Park Hae Joon) and comes in between him and his wife Ji Sun Woo (starred by Kim Hee Ae).

As a mistress who steals Ji Sun Woo’s husband, the role sky-rocketed Han So Hee to fame, as well as receiving a record number of hate comments.

On her Instagram page at @xeesoxee, some of her pictures after the show was premiered received hate comments, mostly from viewers in Indonesia.

“Some 60,000 comments were all hate messages. It was interesting to see that the drama attracted viewers beyond national borders. It was actually funny, because some of my Indonesian fans would take my side, saying ‘This is only a drama,’” Han said.

The World of the Married Kdrama, Han So Hee
Yeo Da Kyung, played by Han So Hee, is a mistress in “The World of the Married”.

Han So Hee said that:

“A lot of people say that it’s a compliment to receive hate when playing a villain, but since I was in a position where I had to understand Da Kyung, it wasn’t all that great."

“I still feel a little weird, and I get teary-eyed for no reason when I speak on the phone with the director and writer. I wonder whether I’ll be able to meet another project like this in my life, so I don’t feel good sending it off. As we were given so much love, I think we were able to positively finish.”

The show was so engrossing for some Indonesians viewers that they took the matter to social media, mainly Instagram, to unleash their rage towards the young actress.

Many used the word 'pelakor' (perebut lelaki orang, or one who steals another’s man) to describe and troll Han So Hee.

“You’re pelakor! I’m disgusted. You’re beautiful but you’re pelakor. You should be ashamed of yourself,” wrote a social media user. "Pelakor, just wait for God's punishment," wrote another.

“You have no shame. Are there no other men? Pelakor. If you continue living this way, I hope God's punishment is coming your way. It hurts when your husband has an affair with another woman. Don't you have feelings? If you were in Indonesia, I’d definitely come to your house,” wrote another social media user.

Alongside the negative comments, other Indonesian netizens have made the effort to praise Han So Hee for her acting skills.

“The way you drive Indonesians crazy means that your acting is awesome! And yes, you’re gorgeous!” said one user.

“Why do these people hate you? All thanks to your acting skill. Hopefully you read my comment and realize that you’ve succeeded as an actor. I apologize for the comments from my fellow citizens, don’t mind them and keep moving forward,” commented another.

“If ever you stole my boyfriend, I’d admit my defeat and surrender,” one user wrote praising her.

A pop culture observer from Indonesia's Jambi State University, said that she deplored passive audiences who were not aware of the agenda of pop culture products and consuming them at face value.

“Most viewers see only the romantic relationships depicted in the series, while there are many other messages being conveyed in the story,” she said. “In this case, the audience needs alternative narration in which they can learn about the issues related to women they can find useful in their daily lives.”

A member of the rapporteur team at women and religious issues for Komnas Perempuan, suggested that efforts should be given to the public to let them know the importance of equality in marriage, and also about the unavoidable power relations.

“People need to understand that both self-identity and identity as a unit exist in a marriage. We need more pop culture products on marital relationships in which no one has to choose between divorce and staying married."

Komnas Perempuan commissioner said the series showed how infidelity can happen on both career women and devoted homemakers.

“An equal relationship between a husband and wife is important and should be discussed ahead of marriage. Even a prenuptial agreement is not enough,” she said.

“This series also shows the importance of sisterhood, unlike Indonesian dramas, which put the blame on the other woman.”

The World of the Married Kdrama, Han So Hee
“The World of the Married” has been in the works since 2018.

It's nothing new for a drama film taking the place of a cheater to get the the love and hatred from viewers.

Han So Hee here is getting the fame she needs to propel her name upwards, but also hatred that propelled her name in a negative meaning.

“It’s actually astounding. My life has changed. I’m not saying I’m happy that my life has changed, but I mean my life has literally changed, and I feel this is not something I have achieved. Although I’m grateful for all the attention, I know I have to live up to the expectations and it also comes as a burden,” the actress said during a media interview.

“The World of the Married” is a Korean remake of the British television network BBC’s “Doctor Foster.”

The 16-episode series ended May 16 after marking a record-high viewership rating for a South Korean drama at 28.371%.

“I think this is now my start. I believe I need to become more tough, even more so now [because of this project]. I don’t know what projects and characters I will do in the future, but I want to come out more polished. I don’t want to rush it,” Han So Hee added.

“Since this is not a project that succeeded because I did well, I plan to continue my acting career with my initial attitude, without being a bother, and without causing trouble to the director who chose me.”

"I’ve gained this urge to not retreat backward. I want to move forward, even if it’s a very tiny step. I’m not saying I have to be the lead, but I want to do something that would add even the slightest to my acting. Rather than thinking about what to do next, I need to rid myself of Da-kyung first."

With seemingly continuous bombardment of hate comments, Han So Hee started to remove many of them. Some of her fans were also helping her to deal with the 'pelakor' hate comments by reporting them to Instagram