#JusticeForCamilaGomez, The Murder Of A Young Girl, And The Lynching That Killed Her Murderer


Young children play to understand the world they're living in. It's a way for them to both socialize, and also learn.

But sometimes, adults who should be role models, can do the most horrific things to these young people, just for the sake of money.

Camila Gomez Ortega, an 8 year old girl, was founded murdered, and that her body was dumped by a road near a tourist town of Taxco, southern Mexico.

Upon hearing that the girl was murdered, a mob was formed, dragged the murderer to the open, broad day light.

The murderer, stripped half naked, was brutally beaten to death, lynched by dozens of men and women, while hundreds of others spectate.

The protest was so intense, that even the police couldn't do anything about it.

Camila Gomez Ortega
Camila Gomez Ortega.

In all began in March 27th, when Camila went visiting a neighbor’s house to play.

She never returned.

Her mother realized that something had happened to her child, after receiving phone messages demanding a 250,000 Mexican pesos ransom to free her.

The mother went to the police to report the incident.

But things were rather slow.

Despite the mother had gathered evidence from checking footage from CCTV cameras, which found a woman and a man carrying a clothing basket, believed to have Camila inside it, and loading it into a vehicle, the they reportedly ignored her pleas to act.

Camila Gomez Ortega

Later, Camila was found, deceased.

An autopsy conducted on her young body revealed that she had been raped and asphyxiated.

Upon hearing the news, and that after they realized the police did not possess a warrant and thus couldn't do anything, the people literally took justice to their own hands.

That moment on, they became vigilantes.

Camila Gomez Ortega

People who recognize who the woman was, brought the mob, and surrounded the woman's house.

The furious mob dragged the woman outside, and started beating her with barrages of assaults, and also use things they can find at the time.

From blows to her abdomen and her back, to pulling her hair, to kicks and punches to her head and face, her neck and her chest, her arms, hands and legs and feet, her buttocks and genitalia, the crowd hit her in every way possible.

The police was dispatched to the location, and tried to disperse the crowd.

Despite the kidnapper, who is said to be Ana Rosa Aguilar Díaz, or "Ale Estrada", has been taken into custody by the police, the mob was so angry that vandalism happened.

The Taxco residents blocked roads and overturned cars.

They demanded justice.

Camila Gomez Ortega

Eventually, the mob managed to drag her away from the authorities.

The police, who brought the woman into the bed of a police pickup truck to take her away, just stood by, when the angry mob dragged her back down.

Members of the mob poured onto the street where they stomped, kicked and pummeled the woman.

Men and women, young and old, beat Camila's murderer mercilessly, leaving her motionless on the ground and partly stripped with her breasts visible.

Camila Gomez Ortega

A few times the police tried to take the woman away, to only get the mob to drag the woman down to beat her up again.

From a man that seemingly brought gasoline, to tourists that also took part in the lynching, the officers were apparently intimidated by the crowd.

Even that they were armed and wearing riot gears, the officers knew that were outnumbered and way underpowered.

Camila Gomez Ortega

After the crowd was done with her, the police picked her up and took her away, leaving the pavement stained with blood.

The woman was then taken to the hospital.

The Guerrero state prosecutors' office later said that the woman died of her injuries.

Two men that were thought to be her accomplices, suspected by locals of involvement, were also attacked but survived.

Camila Gomez Ortega

Soon, amateur videos showing police officers watching on as a woman locals believed to be responsible for the killing was brutally beaten in broad daylight, made rounds on the internet.

Other videos that were also uploaded, show how ruthless the mob was, and the brutality the killer had to endure for doing what she did.

It's said that the incident reflects the people’s anger and desperation due to the lack of government intervention.

"This is the result of the bad government we have," said a member of the mob, who gave her name as Andrea.

"This isn't the first time this kind of thing has happened," she said, referring to the murder of the girl, "but this is the first time the people have done something."

"We are fed up," she said.

"This time it was an 8-year-old girl."

Mexican Mayor Mario Figueroa acknowledged the outrage from local residents.

In a statement he delivered, Figueroa complained that he did not get any help from the state government for his small, outnumbered municipal police force.

"Unfortunately, up to now we have not received any help or answers," Figueroa said.

This heartbreaking case highlights the devastating consequences of violence against children and the raw emotions it evokes within a community.

Taxco is a city that is relatively popular amongst tourists.

But at the same time, the small city, which lies around 170 kilometers south of Mexico City, is situated in the state of Guerrero, which has been plagued by organized crimes.

In Taxco and throughout Guerrero state, drug cartels and gangs routinely prey on the local citizens, demanding protection payments from store owners, taxi and bus drivers.

Sometimes, they kill those who refuse to pay.

Mexico, known for its tacos, tortillas, burritos, tequila, stunning beaches, and its history, is also a country with one of the world's highest rates of violence.

And this case is again adds salt to the wound, further staining its reputation.

While local prosecutors are treating the woman's death at the hands of the crowd as qualified homicide, there is little to nothing the government could do about it.

Lynch mobs against people suspected of crimes against children are not uncommon in Mexico.

In June 2022, for example, a politician was beaten to death by a crowd of around 200 people after accusations he was involved in a child kidnapping were spread online. Before that, in November 2018, a shop owner in the central Mexican state of Puebla was burned to death after similar rumors circulated on WhatsApp.

Other crimes are also common, and can target anyone.

Even Figueroa's own bulletproof car was shot up by gunmen on motorcycles.

Residents know this too.

They said hey have had enough, but little they can do about it.

"We know the town lives off of Holy Week (tourism) and that this is going to mess it up. There will be a lot of people who won't want to come anymore," said Andrea, the woman who was in the mob.

"We make our living off tourism, but we cannot continue to allow them to do these things to us."

Camila Gomez Ortega
Camila Gomez Ortega
Camila Gomez Ortega

Mourners dressed in white gathered in Taxco on Friday for Camila's funeral, and carried the coffin through the city center.

The day coincided with the Good Friday, a Christian holy day that can be traced back centuries in the old silver-mining town.

But the earlier flash of violence overshadowed the eve.

Following the case, social media mourned for the loss, and #JusticeForCamilaGomez became a trending topic.

Secretary of Security of Taxco. the local police chief, Doroteo Eugenio Vázquez, publicly claimed that the one to blame for Camila’s death was her mother for not having taken care of her

But after the lynching and the controversy his statement caused, Vázquez resigned from his position.