The Fundementals of Web Design

The current modern day is the world of innovation and technology. The human race has seen a great change in our every day life with the advent of World Wide Web. Now the most important communication and information exchange platform is the Internet.

As the World Wide Web is gaining more and more importance, the art of web design is also gaining significance. Web design has started out constructing very simple websites to the modern day websites that support media streaming as well. The newer versions of websites are much more advanced from a technical perspective.

Web designing is the most important question here. People very commonly use this term but not all of them understand what the word actually means. The presentation and designing of websites is the art & science of web design. The way you see the websites on the internet are that way because of the web designing factor. The web applications of all kinds are also graphically presented on the web through web designing. The fundamental web designing is carried out most often through HTML. Using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) as the basic design for web designing is usually common. The use of a more innovative version of HTML, which is called as XHTML, is likewise utilized in web designing. This is the latest trend.

Online competition has developed a great deal. It’s now very important for all the websites to stand out of the crowd. All the new entrants all over the net worry about keeping their websites not the same as their competitors. This is important to them. When they do not pay due attention towards this fact, they’re not going to be able to create a unique selling point for their website. For this fact, many websites today use newer technologies while building their websites. The context of web based businesses and online trade can also be important for the construction of a website. The technical advancement required by the website depends on the nature of its use. A social networking website requires other facilities when compared with an e-commerce site.

Web designing is oftentimes confused with web development however these are two different techniques. Configuration of web server is included in web development. web designing is very much associated with construction of websites.

Social Media Marketing is definitely a very good tactic to increase brand awareness, opportunities and product sales of your enterprise by means of social media channels as well as by doing visual presentations like Video Marketing, which induces attention about the business and its offerings.


Design is everything. In many cases your website will be the first impression someone has regarding your organization or business. When searching on the Internet most consumers’ attention spans are greatly limited. It thus becomes very important to create a compelling website design to distinguish yourself from the competition and attract visitors to explore deeper into your site.

A website should be simple, have a proper use of texts, color, images and fast loading pages.

Accessibility and Compability

Optimizing your website so everyone can access it equally takes considerable effort. Choose a web design company who has a proven history of producing websites that are 100% accessible by all popular internet browsers and at various internet connection speeds.

A website should be optimized for different known browsers, different screen resolutions and different internet speed.


The visible content of a website should attract and welcome customers. Content should be developed to have a “sticky” appeal, meaning your customers will return later if they like what they see and benefit from your content. By refreshing your content on a weekly or monthly basis you will attract recurring visitors who will routinely check your site to see what’s new. Consider adding supplemental content, even if it’s not directly related to your business. The more pages you have on your webite the more exposure you have on the Internet and the more potential you have for attracting visitors to each new page you create. On an individual page basis, this does not mean more is better. Keep each page short, with trimmed paragraphs and easy-to-read visual design. Provide supplemental links to other related pages and sections so your user can pass between topics intuitively.


If you are selling products online, customers should be able to place an order within two clicks. Placing an order should be simple and straightforward. Customers should be told exactly what they can expect after their order is placed, such as how to print a receipt or track shipping. They should always be reminded that their transaction is secure, that you will not sell or share their information, and that you appreciate their business. Consider creating a privacy policy and make it available from all pages. If you are selling products online you should always provide a physical address as well as a phone number. If you don’t tell customers who and where you are, why should they trust you to complete an order?


The most common mistake most companies make in designing a website is that they hire one firm to do the design and another to do the internet marketing. Many design firms claim that they will optimize your website for search engines, but they don’t tell you exactly what they’ve done and there’s no way to measure the results. Eyerys Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists work side-by-side so you get a website that is truly optimized for high ranking in search engines.

Internet marketing, i.e., search engine optimization, should be planned and integrated into the design of the website. For example, the domain name, page file names, directory names, page titles, page headers and page text should all be uniformly constructed and planned for specific results in search engines. If you don’t do this up front, you’ll end up paying someone to do it later, which means your website will have to be totally restructured. Any current ranking in search engines will be lost as your site is re-submitted to search engines to gain the benefits of the new optimization strategy.