Google My Business Updates With 'Agencies Dashboard' To Help Users Manage Their Listings

Google has made some improvements to agencies and platform partners in managing their Google listings with Google My Business.

After a few weeks announcing upcoming improvements, the company has launched an Agency Dashboard, which allows agencies to manage multiple listings faster in one place, simpler and more intuitively. The tool also ensures that the listed information is correct.

Below are the things users can do with the Agency Dashboard tool:

  • Manage all locations under one account: All registered agencies can manage thousands of locations within a single Organization Account. They are no longer limited to 100 locations per account.
  • Send and receive invitations to manage listings: The Agency Dashboard makes sending and receiving invitations to manage Google listings easier. Users can view the status of all of these requests right from the dashboard.
  • Location Groups: All locations within an Organization Account are required to be contained within a location group (previously known as a business account). This is to simplify location management. Agencies can also request access to a customer's location through a location group. Or, customers can invite the agency’s location group to co-manage their listing.
  • User Groups: This is for agencies to effectively manage teams and control access to their location groups.
  • Search: The Agency Dashboard lets users to efficiently search for locations within their entire account or within a particular Location Group.
Google My Business - Agency Dashboard

To use the Agency Dashboard to manage multiple listings, users must first register themselves as an agency. Google has also launched a website and agency help center, which also includes a setup guide.

With Google My Business making things easier for businesses to list what they do on Google, it's becoming even more important for brands to remain aware of the competition on the web. By leveraging the latest updates on Google My Business, businesses can ensure that their information is listed properly and correctly.

And here the Agency Dashboard simplifies the process.