OpenAI's ChatGPT Invented A Sudoku-Like Puzzle Game It Calls The 'Sumplete'


AI has become the hype of the tech sphere and beyond, and everyone seems to get eager the more it surprises them.

Since OpenAI introduced ChatGPT, and after the AI gained increased publicity lately thanks to Microsoft's public test of its "emotional" Bing AI chatbot, people cannot get over the fact that the AI is surprisingly smart, and extremely capable of responding like how a human would.

As people keep experimenting on the AI, someone managed to make ChatGPT invent a fully playable browser puzzle game based on just a few interactions.

According to Puzzled Penguin in a website post:

"I first asked ChatGPT for some recommendations for a new puzzle game to play if I enjoyed playing Sudoku [...] I wondered if ChatGPT could actually invent its own puzzle for me?"

" [...] Yes it can!"

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The Puzzled Penguin, whose name is Daniel Tait, shows how his interaction with ChatGPT began from a simple request to show new puzzle games for people who like Sudoku, to have the AI show a list of similar games.

Tait then asked the chatbot to "invent a logic puzzle similar to sudoku that doesn't currently exist."

ChatGPT responded with a puzzle game called "Labyrinth Sudoku".

Tait then asked the chatbot to keep on inventing new puzzle games, and had it done so until it finally came up with a game called "Sum Delete". Tait then asked if ChatGPT could then create a playable version, using HTML and JavaScript.

ChatGPT did exactly that.


After only a few hours talking to the AI, tweaking and experimenting, until he got what he wanted.

Tait even made the AI to improve the game's rule sand looks, and even asked it to improve the appearance of the browser-based game by adding some CSS.


After all is done, the playable version was complete.


Not only that ChatGPT invented a new game, it even gave a name for it.

ChatGPT called it the "Sumplete".


Tait has since registered, and created a website under that name.

To garner different users, Sumplete starts with a 3×3 beginner puzzle, with the option to ramp up the difficulty level to up to a full 9×9 puzzle.

While Sumplete was made with a lot of interactions with a human, and is only a game with an extremely simple gameplay, it definitely shows how ChatGPT, and similar chatbot AIs, could help developers in coding apps and games in the future.

The only main issue here, is who can really own the copyright of the products these AIs make.