Verified Site Owners Can See Their Google Search Console Statistics In Search Results

Google rolls out a feature in search results, designed to bring more attention and awareness to features in Google Search Console.

In an update, Google is showing verified site owners a brief dashboard of their site's performance statistics directly inside Google's search results, with data taken from Google Search Console. If the site owners want to know more, they can simply get to Google Search Console from there.

The dashboard is like a teaser which shows some highlights.

It includes clicks, impressions and average position for the past 28 days compared to the previous time period. It also offers additional tips on how to improve their site in search.

Google tested this feature quietly with a number of users since October, and it's rolling it out to all site owners.

Google Search Console

There are many webmasters out there who have set up a verified profile on Google, but barely checks on it.

The update simply makes Google in providing the highlights forward, and make it appear on its search results where webmasters are probably hanging out. But to see it, the webmasters need to be logged in to their Google account that has access to their website property in Google Search Console, and search for a specific query related to their site.

With this simple but convenience update, Google can drive more webmasters into its Google Search Console, and bring more awareness about building healthy and successful websites for ranking high in Google Search.

Google has been using "cards" to highlights some importance in its search results pages.

For example, it has leveraged its Knowledge Graph to answer many queries, in the form of a big block of information that appears when users entered a search term. The cards contain relevant data, images and context-specific information regarding users' search.

Google can show these cards when there's enough data about a subject.

This is in line with Google's core business, which focuses in providing people with a correct answer to all their questions.

As with the Google Search Console statistics on its search result, Google is plainly making use of these cards to show information upfront where webmasters may want them, despite not necessarily needing them.

Not only that the update can help site owners realize about Google Search Console's existence, it should also make them use more of Google's tools. As a result, webmasters can improve their site and pinpoint issues quickly, and in turn, create better website for everyone on the web.