Free-To-Play Game That Involves Clicking A Banana Becomes One Of The Most Popular Games, Ever


Games that tend to rank high on Steam and other gaming platforms often share certain characteristics such as strong gameplay mechanics, high replayability, engaging storylines, or significant community and developer support.

Most of the times, these games are considered 'AAA games', which can be described as games produced or distributed by a mid-sized or major publisher, and typically have higher development and marketing budgets than other tiers of games.

These games can generate a lot of revenue, and that they're actively developed and patched, and have expansion packs. They can also have a huge fan base that includes communities who are actively tweaking the games.

And by far, these highly-ranked games are rarely indie games.

But this banana game is changing that.

Steam banana

'Banana', which is a game where players must repeatedly click on a banana, and that's about it, has become a massive hit since its launch in April.
It becomes a blockbuster game, with a peak concurrent player count of over 880,000

What this means on Steam, the popular video game digital distribution service and storefront managed by Valve, the game Banana is comparable to the likes of Counter-Strike 2, and Baldur's Gate 3, among other AAA listers.

Despite that simplicity, the game quickly pushes itself up to Steam's top 10 all-time list.

While the game may initially seem dull and boring, there is more to it than just clicking the banana to increase the counter.

Persistent clicking of the banana, eventually leads to the appearance of another banana, which players can trade or sell on the Steam market.

Occasionally, a rare and more valuable banana drops.

This makes the repetitive clicking potentially lucrative.

Rare bananas can sell for more than $100, with the top-priced banana can fetch well over $1,000.

"I do believe that the reason why it mostly caught on is because it’s a legal ‘infinite money glitch,'" the game's developer said.

Steam banana

And not just that, because unlike most AAA games from respectable publishers, Banana uses very minimal computer resource.

The developer said that some players are running "up to 1,000 accounts" to maximize rare drop chances.

In order to make the game more competitive, the developer is updating the game's design, in order to cope with the rapid influx of players and content.

What happens here is that, Banana's appeal is centered on word-of-mouth hype, and a tongue-in-cheek internet humor, which makes the clicker game stands out as an anomaly.

Due to the money players can earn, the game turns a traditionally boring clicker game into an addictive game that could turn the heads of the most stubborn players.