Instagram Beauty Influencer Shot Dead After Creating A Post About Her Hairdresser Appointment


Just like any social media influencer, Núbia Cristina Braga made a living by "influencing" others through her social media posts.

But one night was not like any other nights before, because after one particular post about a hair appointment, armed men shot her dead.

This happened about three hours after the Brazilian beauty influencer made an Instagram Story about it.

Núbia's body was only discovered later than night, at 9 p.m. local time, laying on her own pool of blood at her home in the Santa Maria neighborhood of Aracaju in Brazil.

According to the police, Núbia was riddled with bullets, murdered by two masked motorcyclists, who entered her home through the unlocked front door.

Núbia who was born in the Brazilian state of Sergipe, was 23-year-old when she died.

Núbia was a young woman, passionate about being a social media star.

According to her friends, Núbia, who was single at the time of her death, had dreams of becoming a famous, and internationally-recognized Instagram influencer.

Her friends hailed Núbia as outgoing, honest and independent.

Those closest to her also described her as extroverted, cheerful woman.

Not only that Núbia was active on social media, as she also had a close routine with her friends and family in real life.

This was stated by her aunt, who said that Núbia frequently helped the community where she lived, and organizing parties for Children’s Day and Christmas, among others.

"Núbia did volunteer work and helped everyone. She left a legacy behind," her aunt Cláudia Menezes said.

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Soon after the news about her death was made public, many of her followers have taken to Braga’s Instagram account to post their condolences.

“My Jesus, the woman only posted a Story 3 hours ago and was brutally murdered, only God can comfort her family and friends,” one commenter wrote.

"Rest in peace princess, you were an amazing girl," said another.

"They just killed her in Santa Maria," another said.

"There is no other of you, you are unique."

"May your passage be peaceful, God is with you," commented another user.

Besides being a beauty influencer, Núbia also posted content about her travels, where she documented her trips to places like Rio De Janeiro, New York and Spain’s Gijon.

She was known as ‘The Boss’, and that her influencer status helped her establish her own clothing brand, called ‘Boss’s Closet’.

Initially, the police has opened an investigation to determine the intention of the two men.

In addition to carrying out their own investigation, the authorities have also requested the public to come forward with any information to help them solve the case and give justice to Núbia.

"We want to know why they did this to Núbia," said Claudia, who was still shaken by the death of her niece.

When asked about the possibility of Núbia being threatened, Claudia was skeptical.

“She never said anything about being threatened,” Claudia said.

Claudia doubted that Núbia had enemies.

Family members and friends gather at the funeral home for Núbia Cristina Braga.
Family members and friends gather at the funeral home for Núbia Cristina Braga.