Johnny Depp ‘Broke The Internet’ With Online Art Sale: A Distraction From His Alleged Erectile Disfunction


Johnny Depp has long been considered as one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

While the famous actor with a multitalented persona is known for being an alcoholic and a drug user, he has proven in court that he has never been physically violent towards women. In particular, he has proven to the world that he is not violent to Amber Heard, his ex-wife.

After the #MePoo and the #AmberTurd campaigns and his win in his world-famous defamation case come to an end, things started to settle.

Life goes on for Depp.

For starters, Depp managed to sell a number of NFT paintings he made, which he considered "truly unique works of generative art."

And this time, Johnny Depp literally “broke the internet” with a surprise online sale of his debut art collection, where he earned millions of dollars within just hours of announcing it, according to a UK gallery.

Depp shared the news of the sale with an Instagram photo of him sitting in front of four of his works.

"NOW AT #CASTLEFINEART," Depp captioned the photo, linking it to the UK gallery.

"We’re delighted to announce that the latest signing to Castle Fine Art is the critically acclaimed actor, musician, and artist, #JohnnyDepp," the gallery responded.

The works include Depp's drawing of Elizabeth Taylor, Al Pacino, Bob Dylan and Keith Richards, with the latter being Depp’s "dear friend" who inspired him with the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow, the actor’s beloved character from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

In less than half an hour later, the gallery's website crashed for having more traffic than its server can manage.

"#JohnnyDepp broke the internet!” Castle Fine Art tweeted.

Just when fans and those that were interested in buying complained about being unable to access the website to see and/or make transaction, the gallery went to Twitter to announce that Depp’s "debut collection ‘Friends & Heroes’ is now officially sold out."

"This world-first release proved to be our fastest-selling collection to date, with all titles selling out in just hours," the gallery said.

To many of those people's dismay, all 780 prints that were on sale were “out of stock," with the sale making an estimated $3.65 million.

"For Johnny Depp there has always been art. Before acting, and before music, art has always been an important outlet for his creativity," the gallery said.

The collection "saw him focus on people he has known well, and who have inspired him as a person," the London gallery said.

Johnny Depp.
Because of Johnny Depp’s work that "broke the internet," the gallery experienced its fastest-ever sale. (Credit: Castle Fine Art)

In another story, Depp's ex-wife, Amber Heard, isn't admitting defeat that easy.

In unsealed court documents the defamation case, it's revealed that Depp suffers from erectile dysfunction.

While Depp has won the lawsuit he filed against Heard, the attorneys for Amber Heard claimed that the actor is having difficulty in getting and keeping an erection, and this alleged ailment may have contributed to Depp's allegedly violent behavior.

In one occasion, the Aquaman actress has indeed claimed that Depp violated her with a bottle of Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey during a fight in March 2015.

Heard has testified that Depp allegedly smashed a phone and cut off the tip of his finger, before pinning her down on a countertop, and allegedly inserting the bottle into her genital.

"I was naked, slipping around on this tile" on the floor, she said. "He’s screaming at me and saying I ruined his life."

Heard then testified that Depp penetrated her vagina with the bottle, and shove it all the way to her pubic bone.

"It wasn’t him. It was black. I’ve never been so scared in my life. I was trying to get through to Johnny and I couldn’t see him at all," she said.

At that time, the couple were just married, and were living in Australia while Depp was shooting a fifth installment in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

Heard also testified that in one another occasion, Depp allegedly gave her a nonconsensual “cavity search.”

Heard testified that Depp at that time accused her of hiding his drugs, and before anything, he ripped her dress.

"He was telling me, ‘We’re going to do a cavity search,'” she said with a whimper, explaining that Depp "just shoved his fingers inside me," adding that she "just stood there standing at the stupid light" as Depp twisted his fingers around inside her.

Johnny Depp, Amber Heard bottle assault
The alleged Maker’s Mark bourbon whiskey (right) Depp used to sexually assault Amber Heard. In the lawsuit, Heard testified that she didn’t seek treatment after the alleged assault.

"Though Mr. Depp would rather not disclose his erectile dysfunction condition, such condition absolutely is relevant to sexual violence, including Mr. Depp’s anger and use of a bottle to rape Amber Heard," the documents alleged.

The lawyers said that Depp’s alleged penile issue would make it "more probable" that he would become "angry or agitated" when he quarreled with Heard, and may have caused him to "resort to a bottle."

This story was different in Depp's perspective.

Depp said that he was the victim, and that he lost the tip of his middle finger when Heard hurled a vodka bottle at him. He then allegedly tried to hide from Heard as she went around the house banging on doors, trying to find him, according to his lawyer.