Bing Ads Shows Potential Conversion Impact And Updates System Quality Policy

Bing Ads

Advertisers using Bing Ads that have the Universal Event Tag (UET) implemented can see an estimated conversion impact when seeing the budget selection on their accounts.

Bing updates to show some metrics, including clicks, impressions and spend estimates. This way, search marketers can see estimated changes in conversion using the campaign budget adjustment on the Opportunity tab in the Bing Ads web interface.

With the update, advertisers can click on the 'View' option in a budget selection to open up what Bing Ads call "the conversion landscape."

Here, they can see conversion estimates on various budget recommendations by Bing, or on their own budget value.

Bing Ads also uses conversion data from UET to track suggestions for retargeting, location and time/day bid adjustment. According to Bing Ads program manager Ji Bian in the blog post, Bing is planning to incorporate conversion data into even more insights.

Bing Ads

Bing recommends all advertisers to enable conversion tracking through Bing Ads to take full advantage of the platform's offerings across the opportunity suggestions, automated rules, automated bidding, in-line reporting insights, and more. Advertisers can get started by creating a UET tag to add to their website and then creating a conversion goal.

And for those who are not yet using Biing's conversion tracking offering, they can still get budget suggestions based on the estimated click gains and spend impact.

"Incorporating your conversion data into your campaign suggestions can make them more useful and relevant to your business goals."
Bing Ads

Bing Ads is also rolling out an updated System Quality Policy as part of its Relevance and Quality Policy.

The three key aspects to the new policy are:

  1. Keywords and ads that have not shown any performance over a significant period of time may be removed.
  2. The number of keywords that can be uploaded or kept in an account may be limited. Advertisers subject to this update will be notified.
  3. Keywords in sensitive categories, such as: weapons, pharmaceuticals, gambling, adult and trademark, may be limited.

Bing Ads expects changes won't do much impact to advertisers.

"Limits placed on the amount of keywords uploaded at one time are meant to increase efficiencies with review and processing, potential impact caused by this is anticipated to be low,” wrote Bing Ads advertiser policy manager Melissa Alsoszatai-Petheo. "We do not expect to see significant impacts for additional restrictions that may be put in place within sensitive categories."