Instagram Starts Allowing Users To Add Captions To Their Stories

Instagram Stories, caption”

Instagram has added a small, but a very welcome feature. And that, through a very Instagram-y move: using special stickers.

When Facebook started copying Snapchat by cloning its stories feature, it blatantly copied it, and treating it as its own. But gone are those days, as the Stories feature have become an inseparable part of Instagram.

And this time, the social media is stepping it up a notch.

Just when other platforms and services, like TikTok, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, have added or improved auto-captioning options, Instagram didn't seem to be interested at first.

But this was proven to be wrong, as Instagram actually had something in the works.

The photo- and video-sharing app has added captions sticker for Stories, which can automatically transcribe speech in videos.

Initially available for “English and English-speaking countries,” Instagram plans to eventually roll it out to other languages and countries as well.

The captioning feature has been available in IGTV and the Threads app.

This time, Instagram is adding them to Stories and Reels, in order to make them reach more users, by making contents much more efficient and inclusive to watch.

While the feature should be a welcome addition for people who are hearing impaired, or are not native English speakers, the feature should also appeal those who generally watch video without sound.

By bringing them to Stories, Instagram adds another welcome layer of accessibility for those who can’t or don’t want to listen to Stories.

In overall, this should be a nice addition to Instagram.

Making it handy, Instagram also allows users to edit the words to make sure that the messages actually come across as intended. Users can also customize the font and style of the captions.

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