Pinboard Acquires Delicious: The End Of The Internet's Original Bookmarking Website

Delicious or, is the original internet bookmarking site. Since being founded in 2003, it has been part of the popular web, influencing almost anything from Facebook to Twitter.

A veteran of the web, it's life is ending.

Popular as a web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. was founded by Joshua Schachter and Peter Gadjokov. It was acquired by Yahoo! in 2005, and by 2008, it claimed to have more than 5.3 million users and 180 million website bookmarked.

But since then,'s popularity started to drop. The company has been sold and changed hands numerous times. After Yahoo! acquired it for a price between $15 million and $30 million, it was then sold to AVOS, who then sold it to Science, Inc., who in turn sold it to Delicious Media.

On June 1, 2017, was acquired by its rival Pinboard for $35,000. Pinboard is shutting down the service and is making it read-only on June 15th. uses are encouraged to subscribe to Pinboard.

Pinboard founder Maciej Cegłowski on his blog post, said that:

"Delicious has over a billion bookmarks and is a fascinating piece of web history. Even Yahoo!, for whom mismanagement is usually effortless, had to work hard to keep Delicious down. I bought it in part so it wouldn’t disappear from the web."

"This is the fifth time has been sold ...."

Delicious was one of the hottest things on the web. It was a hit, the buzzword, and the internet darling. It was simple but intuitive, it was something that once shaped the social web.

But when the internet really became social, the popular was turning into a relic: it became the living fossil from the Web 2.0. But nevertheless, it's an experienced one.

"Delicious has a huge amount of data," said Domainersuite founder Tony Aly that is also Delicious Media’s CEO. "In many ways, it's an archive of the web. I'm incredibly excited by the opportunity to make this data as accessible as possible."