Social Media And Apps Are Killing Personal Websites? Or Not?

In the modern age of the internet, social media is somehow at the center of the sphere. Competing for attention, they are powerful enough and highly reputable. Some can even be used as a blog, just like Medium, and even competing your .com website.

With that in mind, do you still need your own website?

Usually, personal websites are made to advertise something, or someone as professionals or hobbyist, or something in between. Keeping all the information inside one website, was and still is the great way to create a professionally made presence on the web.

Putting aside websites and web applications that have purposely-made unique features, here we're talking about most websites out there, and what people usually do with them.

For example, a photographer. He/she may have a website to promote his/her portfolios. On the website, there would be a gallery of photographs with all their descriptions and equipment used. Then there is a link to directly contact the person, either by email or other means.

But will all those capabilities a usual website has, apps like Instagram can practically do better.

Do you need a website?

The rise of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social media sites, has somehow overturned the table. Personal websites that previously shine, have dulled. Social media have all eclipsed personal websites, making them obsolete.

As social media becomes more reputable and users putting sufficient information about themselves on their social media accounts, providing information and portfolio on personal websites are becoming "old-fashioned". There's one good reason why this happens: social media networks are so easy to use the user and whoever that searches for them.

With social media, no SEO needed, no coding or experience in creating or maintaining websites are required.

So the question is: at this modern age, is there any roles left for old-fashioned, traditional personal websites?

The answer is: yes!.

While presenting information using personal websites seems to be old-fashioned if compared to social media websites and all apps that come with them, having your own personal website means that you have a 100 control of practically everything.


Your own website is your own property. There, you can do whatever you like without having to comply with any policies or rules. You make your website, you have your own rules.

With that in mind, you have the fullest control of how you want to to present yourself. What's more, your website has its own domain name (not piggybacking domains of social media networks or others). Again, your domain is your property, and there is where you can reveal your true self using your own voice without having to worry about limitations.

If you can have and maintain a good and professionally-made website, yes it's true that you can still stand in the internet where social media is already conquering.

You have no reason to kill your own website because of social media. You don't have to replace your professional website with just having social media presence. You need both to benefit. On one part, social media will drive people to your account where you can showcase your knowledge or work, and with a link to your website, people can see that you as a professional, don't really get caught in all those free things social media networks are offering.

As a matter of fact, your own personal website is where branding and professionalism happen. Your website is where they should all begin and where they should all end.