DoubleClick for Google


DoubleClick was acquired by Google. It was first known as one of the first Application Service Providers for internet advertisement serving, primarily banner ads.

Before being acquired by Google, it was traded publicly under NASDAQ "DCLK" ticker symbol in early 1998, and it was heavily associated with ad traffic reporting for internet companies such as Yahoo!, AOL, Alta Vista and Excite.

Google acquired it for $3.1 billion in cash. While some investigation about possible privacy and antitrust application were made, the FTC approved the purchase on December 2007, eight months after Google announced the agreement to acquire it.

A year later, Google announced that it would cut hundreds of jobs at DoubleClick in order to streamline the company and also due to organizational redundancies.

By acquiring DoubleClick, Google owns its technology products and services that are sold primarily to advertising agencies and media companies to allow clients to traffic, target, deliver, and report on their advertising campaigns. DoubleClick's main product is formally known as DART that is designed to automate the process for ads purchasing and serving for advertisers and publishers.