Kim Kardashian Bullied Online For Giving A Lecture At Harvard Business School


Kim Kardashian is an American socialite, media personality, and businesswoman. But what she's also famous for, is being a prominent social media influencer.

Then one day, Kim was at Harvard Business School, and “was virtually hustled into the building,” according to an observer.

Wearing a wide-leg pinstripe black pantsuit, a black leather trench coat, and pointy-toed boots, she made an appearance at the prestigious business school, and participated in class discussion, and spoke about her different business endeavors.

As a famous celebrity, Kim has indeed attracted a lot of attention.

The thing is, her sudden visit as a guest lecturer quite surprised most staff members and students, who weren't expecting her, and SKIMS co-founder Jens Grede to attend the ceremony.

But Kim as a celebrity, visiting Harvard Business School to give a lecture essentially divided fans.

"Jesus, could you imagine getting into the most prestigious school ever and them bringing in Kim Kardashian to talk to you," wrote one critic online.

"It is crazy," another user said. "@Harvard should be ashamed of themselves."

"And just like that Harvard‘s prestige has evaporated into thin air in my mind. It’s not even worth a case study which it is but you wouldn’t know the difference," another person said.

"So Harvard has dropped its standards," while another added "Are people nuts, her walking into Harvard Business School is embarassing [sic]," another said.

Barrage of harsh comments come one after another, as users on Instagram and Twitter immediately questioned the business owner, on why she should be lauded at Harvard Business School.

While the attendees may have appreciated the SKIMS owner for shedding light on business, many others were quick to criticize Kim as the reality star, for not having much to offer.

Even the school was trolled and slammed for inviting the "talentless" businesswoman in the first place.

But still, as another pointed out: "She’s a businesswoman guys.”

After all, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star has turned her reality career into a business empire, and that her stake at SKIMS helped her achieve the billionaire status in 2021.

“She talked about what she would been working on, this new private equity firm, and SKIMS," one of the attendees said.

During her visit, Kim and Jens discussed the enormous success the company has seen since going to market in June 2019.

"I spoke At Harvard Business School yesterday for a class called HBS Moving Beyond DTC. The class’s assignment was to learn about @skims, so my partner Jens and I spoke about our marketing, our challenges and our greatest wins. I’m so proud of Skims and the thought that it is a course being studied at Harvard is just crazy!!! Thank you professor Len Schlesinger and @harvardhbs for having us. #BucketListDream."

She took a photo of the newly unveiled The Embrace statue located in Boston Common, and also shared a photo of her outside of Harvard Business School.

Putting aside her private and personal life, her divorce with rapper Kanye West, her famous sex tape, and the rest, Kim has indeed built a successful business.

With Harvard Business School inviting her as a guest lecturer, and urging to have no cameras in the room, allowed attendees to have a close and personal moment with the star. Being able to have candid conversation with the star was special to many of the attendees.

After all, students need someone to look up into, and Kim, the world-famous superstar, could be a great role model to them, in terms of financial success.

At this time, Kim, the entrepreneur and mother of four, is studying to become a lawyer.

Back in December 2021, the star revealed that she passed the baby bar exam after failing it three times.

The "baby bar" is also known as the First-Year Law Students’ Examination. It's an exam taken by students opting not to attend accredited law schools, and comes before the main bar exam which allows them to practice law in California.

After the exam, Kim revealed that she had officially passed the legal test.

Her visit at Harvard Business School did not last very long, because later that day, the Kardashian’s private jet had already left Boston.