YouTuber Sent Apple AirTags To Tim Cook, Elon Musk, And Kim Jong-un


Apple's AirTag is a tracking device designed to act as a key finder.

It is small enough to be slipped or put into, or hanged with personal objects, like keys, bags, purse, electronic devices, and so forth.

AirTags can help users find the device the AirTags are attached to. This is why they can be used to locate lost items.

The technology uses Apple's crowdsourced 'Find My' networks, which is estimated in early 2021 to have about one billion devices worldwide. AirTags can connect to any of these many devices through their emitted Bluetooth signals, after which the AirTags can broadcast their locations in real time using UWB (ultra-wideband) technology.

AirTag was announced on April 20, 2021, made available for pre-order on April 23, and released on April 30.

And since then, many people have made fun attempts to use AirTags, including a YouTuber that has a channel called 'MegaLag'.

The YouTuber said that he sent one AirTag to Apple's CEO Tim Cook, another to Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk, and another to North Korea.

The YouTuber then details what happened to each AirTag, and how the item tracker worked on each journey.

The AirTags began their journey from Frankfurt, Germany, and using the Find My network, the devices were able to broadcast their very locations.

For example, using the 'Find My' app, the YouTuber can locate the AirTags when they were in DHL facilities, and later, in the airport, before leaving to other countries.

The YouTuber revealed in his video that the AirTag which was sent to Tim Cook does arrive to Apple Park, and stayed there for six weeks.

That, before it was sent back to the location from where it was sent. And not just the device, as a representative on behalf of Apple also sent a letter addressed to the YouTuber along with the device.

Dear Jonathan,

Thank you for sharing about your project for Apple AirTags. We’re delighted to hear about creative uses for AirTags and how they can improve our customers’ lives.

As you can imagine, Mr. Cook receives hundreds of letters each month from customers like yourself. Unfortunately he is unable to respond to every request. But we hope you continue to enjoy your AirTag as it returns from its unique journey across the world!



For the AirTag that was sent to Elon Musk, it arrived at SpaceX's headquarters, and stayed there for two and a half weeks.

After that, it was apparently sent to a recycling center before broadcasting its last position in Castaic, California.

And as for the AirTag sent to North Korea, it never reached its destination.

So here, Kim Jong-un never received the YouTuber's package.

The AirTag was shipped to South Korea instead, presumably because of a mistake.

And since the Apple's Find My network is restricted in the region due to local regulation, the AirTag seems to be lost.

In all, the three 'giveaway' AirTags project managed to clearly show how the AirTags work. One returned, two are lost.