With The Ability To Arrange Attached Images, Twitter Is Giving Users More Control

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is why people append more and more images, especially on Twitter, where tweets have a character limit.

But when posting a tweet with multiple images, there was one problem: arrangement. In occasion where images should be at a particular order, Twitter users were forced to upload them in that particular order, with no way of rearranging them once uploaded.

This is cumbersome, considering that the number of images in the gallery or folders can be huge.

After it was spotted in testing back in July, Twitter has officially launched the ability for users to rearrange their attached tweet images via a simple drag and drop process.

The process is fairly straight-forward.

When attaching two or more images in a tweet, users can drag and rearrange how they'll look.

The feature is minor and nothing much.

However, it can be crucial for those who want to upload multiple images in a tweet, using a particular order.

For influencers or brands for example, this is one of the keys to maximize their marketing performance.

By having the ability to re-arrange attached images inside a tweet, this should save them the minor headache of having to upload them in the order they prefer.

It was certainly a pain to have to arrange images in the exact right order as they are uploaded. When users forget which one appears where, then they have to post, then delete, then start over.

In other words, this image re-arranging feature is useful at the very minimum, but it certainly give users the capacity to maintain more control over their tweet presentation.