Adblock Plus Blocks Social Media Tracking On Chrome And Firefox

When all eyes are on Facebook due to the social giant in failing to protect users' privacy, many wants to take the advantage of exposure.

One of which, is Adblock Plus.

The open-source content-filtering and ad blocking extension developed by a German software development company announced that it is joining the fight against social media tracking by allowing its users to block what has become so common on almost every website on the internet.

What Adblock Plus blocking feature specifically do, is to stop those social media buttons and comment fields placed on websites from tracking and creating what's called a "shadow profile" of users.

These buttons can do what they are designed to do, even if people don't click on them, or have an account on the social sites in question.

This tracking method has been used by the likes of Facebook.

Adblock Plus blocking feature allows users to subscribe to a button blocking list, on either Chrome or Firefox.

The company said that the inspiration came from Apple.

The Cupertino-based company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is known for unique approach on security.

In WWDC 2018, the company has announced that Mac and iPhone users who update to macOS Mojave or iOS 12 can block social media tracking by default.

Not only Apple has the ability to block these social media's shady practices of tracking users, but it will also notify users when a site visited by users is offering up users data to Facebook.

Adblock here, is doing just that. But for those who don't use (or have) the Apple software.