Finally, WhatsApp Starts Allowing Users To Mute A Chat, Forever

WhatsApp mute

Human are social beings. Without counting some extreme cases, there is no way for a human to live without socializing.

But in the world powered by internet and social media, where messaging apps bring billions of people in the world closer together, socializing can sometimes go from a human needs to a human annoyance.

The popular messaging app WhatsApp had a feature to put an end to those annoyances.

But unfortunately, the maximum duration allowed for silencing chats was one year.

What this means, after a year, users need to re-apply the setting, in order to mute them for another year.

In an update to the messaging app, WhatsApp at long last starts allowing users to finally mute a chat, forever.

Muting someone is a way to prevent their chat from showing up on users' notifications.

In the growing world where lives of people are inter-connected through the internet, social media and messaging apps, there are times where some people can be pesky. This usually happens in group chats.

For all this time and before the update, users had the option to mute people for a few hours, weeks, or a year. When the time ends, users need to repeat the ritual to re-apply the mute.

With the change, that's no longer needed, simply because WhatsApp replaces the one year option with 'Always'..

WhatsApp finally acknowledges that if users mute someone for a year, it's more likely that they would also want to mute that person until the end of the time.

To mute someone forever, users just need to open WhatsApp on their phone, go to the chat they want to mute, tap on the group or contact name, and tap mute.

After that, make sure that users choose the 'Always' option.

Once muted, users will see the Unmute notifications option in the chat settings instead of the Mute notifications option.

This feature was first spotted earlier this October in WhatsApp beta version along with a few other features.

This is a much-awaited feature, and many WhatsApp users think that it should have been there in the first place right from the very beginning.

This is a much needed feature for those who are frequently bothered with innumerable messages every day. The mute forever feature makes more sense amid the 'COVID-19' coronavirus pandemic, where a lot of people are working from home and depend on messaging platforms to connect with colleagues.

The 'Always' mute option has been made available to all users on iOS and Android, as well as on WhatsApp for the web.