Instagram Introduces Two-Step Authentication And A Policy To Blur 'Sensitive' Posts


Almost all of internet's popular services are having it, and on March 23rd, 2017, is Instagram's turn. The photo-sharing service announces that a two-step authentication is available to everyone who uses its app

Two-factor authentication is already an increasingly common security measure to protect users' accounts from being hacked. By requiring users to enter a code sent to their mobile devices in order to log in, this feature adds an extra layer of security to users' Instagram account.

This can prevent unauthorized access even when having login credentials.

For Instagram, users can turn the feature on by navigating to Settings.

On a blog post, founder and CEO Kevin Systrom said that:

"We've also developed an additional, easy-to-use site where you can learn about keeping yourself safe on Instagram. There, you can explore tools such as account blocking, comment controls, photo tagging and more. You can also connect with support services in your country and read more about how we’re building a positive community.
Instagram - two-step authentication

Safer And Kinder Community

The photo-sharing service has long struggled to moderate contents from its users. On its blog post, the company is also announcing a solution by blurring sensitive photos and videos.

While some of those posts may not violated Instagram's guidelines, photos and videos that the community sees as sensitive and have been reported and confirmed by Instagram, will be blurred. In order to see what's behind the blurring filter, users just need to tap on them to reveal.

"This change means you are less likely to have surprising or unwanted experiences in the app," said Systrom.

Instagram doesn't really describe what qualifies as "sensitive". But as long as there are users that have reported it, it will be deemed by moderators.

While this can counter some issues about censorship on the platform, it's also worth noting that there are cultural differences. On some parts of the world, certain type of image can be disturbing while for others it's something common. What Instagram needs to do is to be more transparent about what is sensitive and what isn't.

Instagram - blur tool