Videos From Facebook And Instagram Are Playable Inside WhatsApp

One of the many advantages of Facebook in owning several popular platforms is that it can integrate one's feature to another.

Previously, links to Facebook or Instagram videos would redirect users out of Whatsapp and into those other apps. In an update, WhatsApp adds a feature which allows those videos to be played directly inside its app. What this means, users won't have to leave WhatsApp to watch them anymore.

This way, when users are chatting on WhatsApp and a contact sends a video link from either of the two platforms, a tap on it will instantly play the video.

And in addition to that, there is a picture-in-picture feature which allows users to keep on watching the video as they navigate between different messaging threads.

WhatsApp - Facebook - Instagram

Facebook owns both WhatsApp and Instagram. So it's no surprise that the company is working to integrate its apps.

This helps bridging the gap between Facebook-owned applications, giving users a more seamless control over their contents.

And with the ability to watch Facebook and Instagram video within WhatsApp is certainly a useful update. Initially, the feature is rolling out to iOS users. The update also introduces the ability to add and revoke admin privileges from other users in a group chat, and gives admins the ability to edit the subject, description, and icon of a chat that already exists.

Previously, WhatsApp has already allowed users to play YouTube videos within conversation.

This update comes a week after WhatsApp co-founder Jan Koum announced that he was leaving the company amid growing differences in data sharing with WhatsApp and Facebook.