WhatsApp Adds Safety Tools To Help Users Identify Suspicious And Spammy Group Chats

WhatsApp, Safety Tools

To use WhatsApp, all it takes is an internet-connected device, and a phone number. Easy is too easy.

As a result of this, the messaging app becomes the most popular of its kind out there, in terms of numbers, and that it continues to grow, the more people jump onboard to experience the simplicity of chatting using the Meta-owned app. But one thing haunts pretty much all of its billions of users.

And that is the invitation to join group chats.

Sometimes, the person who invites the user is someone they know, which is acceptable.

But in other cases, the person is someone the user doesn't know.

Here, WhatsApp’s looking to add more transparency to its group invites, by adding more context as to who is adding users to a group, and what the group is about, before users join.

The idea is to make it easier for users to avoid spammy groups, or those that they're being added to by strangers in order to push their own agendas, whatever they may be.

The update comes as part of WhatsApp’s latest group safety update, which also includes new reporting options to help keep users safe.

Since Meta updated WhatsApp to support more people in group chats, and adding more features to it, the messaging app is seeing a rise in group activities, as well as overall usage in general.

As more people drift away from public posting on social media, and more towards private group engagements, WhatsApp has become the choice of the many of those people.

And as a result of that increased interest, the inevitable of having so many people speaking and discussing various topics imaginable means that group chats have become a more significant vector for spam.

This Safety Tools from WhatsApp is a measure that provides users additional transparency to help them avoid scams.

The feature is essentially a context card that gives users a glance of what they should expect when joining a group chat.

It resembles that individual chat log when an unknown number initiates a contact.

"From there, you can decide whether to stay or leave the group and review some of the safety tools available to stay safe and secure on WhatsApp," WhatsApp added.

The Meta-owned company said that this feature is particularly helpful when users just met someone or a group of people, and haven't yet saved them in their contacts.

Or, it can also help confirm whether or not it's a group they know or want to be in.