Brave Browser With 10 Million Monthly Active Users: Adding 2 Million In Just One Month


Google Chrome may be the most popular web browser in the market, but that doesn't mean others won't thrive.

As Brave has reported, the privacy-focused and rewarded ads browser, said that it experienced a surge in user adoption since releasing version 1.0 of its web browser. The company reported that its monthly active users have increased from 8.7 million in October to 10.4 million at the end of November.

This is a 19% increase across all platforms.

The sudden surge was also caused by Brave in releasing its own iOS app, which contributed to the browser’s 27% growth during that period.

The browser also doubled its MAU in one year, with daily active users tripled in the last 12 months, to 3.3 million.

Brave MAU for 2019
Credit: Brave

Brave also reported that its Brave Verified content creators have grown to nearly 340,000 creators on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, websites, Vimeo, and GitHub. Verified creators have signed up to receive Brave’s built-in token payments from their Brave-using audience.

For comparison, there were only 28,000 Brave Verified content creators at the beginning of 2019.

What makes Brave unique is that, it combines privacy with a blockchain-based digital advertising platform. Its ad platform rewards users, and structured to only serve users who opt-in to the Brave Rewards program and agree to see ads.

Users can then accumulate Brave’s Basic Attention Token (BAT).

In the program, the ads are targeted based on search and browsing data and machine learning models to build up profiles of users’ interests. And since the browser is privacy-focused, that data lives solely on users’ devices.

Users get 70% of the ad revenue share “as a reward for their attention,” and publishers are allocated tokens in proportion to the amount of time users spent on their sites.

As a browser from Brendan Eich, Brave is far from achieving the level of Chrome or other notable browsers, like Safari, Firefox, Edge, etc..

But this end of 2019 report shows that the browser is certainly garnering attention.

Its growth trajectory indicates that there is a growing market for services that offer privacy. And here, Brave is part of the crowd that wants to address consumers' concerns about privacy, regulatory measures and scrutiny.

The privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo has also reported a surge in query activities this year.

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