'Extremely Rare' iPhone 11 Pro With Misaligned Apple Logo Sells For $2,700


Apple products are expensive if compared to similar products from competing brands. And the price can be even more expensive, if the product has some unique traits.

Even if the traits are unintended, and come from factory defects.

The iPhone 11 Pro model was launched back in 2019. It was one of the most powerful phone at the time, thanks to its 7 nm A13 Bionic chip.

Apple is known for the quality control it places on the assembly line. And one particular iPhone 11 Pro with a misaligned Apple logo somehow managed to pass the company's quality control, and sold on the market.

Images of the particular iPhone 11 Pro were first shared on Twitter by Internal Archive, revealing the misaligned Apple logo.

"This misprint is extremely rare- I’d say 1 in 100 million or possibly even rarer," the tweet said.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro, defect logo
The Midnight Green-colored iPhone 11 Pro with a misaligned Apple logo. (Credit: Internal Archive)

In the images, it is seen that the Apple logo is placed lightly on the right and a little tilted to the left. Originally, the Apple logo on the iPhone 11 Pro model is placed vertically in the middle of the device, or a bit lower than it used to on previous models.

Usually, defective units are separated from the production line. And even if defective Apple products do make it out of the factory from time to time, those devices are usually caught up in production faults.

In general, defects are destroyed to avoid them getting into the hands of collectors and users.

This is the reason why it's extremely unusual for a single impacted device like this particular iPhone 11 Pro to see the light of day.

And it's even more uncommon for someone to be able to purchase one.

This rare instance shows that even a company with one the best quality controls in the smartphone industry can pass a product with factory defect.

Since this phone does not meet the quality and the standards people are expecting from Apple, people are making a fuss about it.

As a result, the phone received a boost of value due to its extreme rarity.

The owner of the iPhone 11 Pro was able to resell it at a $2,700 price.

This is more than double what the phone is worth normally, and is more expensive than even the most expensive iPhone 11 Pro Max model.

It should be noted that the iPhone SE 2020, iPhone XR, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone Pro Max were among the top smartphones shipped in 2020, with Apple shipping some 68.8 million of them in the first half of the year alone.

Previously, in 2015, someone purchased a defect iPad Pro that has a silver back but a gold Touch ID ring.