The Popularity Of MY.ID Domain Name Increased By More Than Ten Times


Indonesia's Internet Domain Name Registry (Pengelola Nama Domain Internet Indonesia or PANDI), is Indonesia's top-level domain name registry for .ID domain names.

And here, it reported that as of October 2019, there were 2491 new owners of .MY.ID domain names. This number is a tenfold increase if compared to the average registration rate in the prior months, which were at around 207.

As of August 2019, the total number of domain names managed by PANDI reached 330.207, with .MY.ID accounting to 6.670 domains.

At this time, most of Indonesia's internet population is dominated by millennials, many of whom are purchasing MY.ID domain names for personal websites, as well as for businesses.

"The advantage of having a MY.ID domain name is that, it can be used by anyone to express anything from blog, online businesses, and even personal emails. Besides that, the MY.ID domain is easy to remember and represented as an identity," explained Yudho Giri Sucahyo, the head of PANDI.

The increasing interest also came from the fact that MY.ID domain registration doesn't require any document or paper verification anymore. Previously, purchasers were required to show their government-issued ID or passport for verification.

All purchasers need to own a MY.ID domain name, is an active and verified email address.

Yudho hopes that users on the internet who are yet to own MY.ID domain name to quickly register one for their own, "because this domain name is very fitting to be used as one of the efficient personal Domain Names to reflect themselves into the all-digital world."

Starting September 2019, PANDI sells .MY.ID domain names with the price of Rp10,000, or less than $1.

.ID represents the official domain extension or the internet country code top-level domain (ccTLD) of Indonesia.

PANDI that operates this domain, was established by a community of internet users in Indonesia, with the help of the government . In 29 December 2006, PANDI become the domain registry dedicated for .ID.

In June 2007, the Indonesian government through the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology officially gave administration of the .ID domain to PANDI.

Then it was in September 2014 that the government appointed PANDI as the highest-level domain registry in Indonesia.

Indonesia which is located in Southeast Asia, is a top emerging market, and also rapidly becoming an important player in the global market. Its versatile and fast-rising economy is attributed to having strong export ties with the U.S. and the increasing number of foreign investments.

With local startup companies flourishing, international brands as well as small startup companies from many parts of the world come to Indonesia to expand and explore new business niches.

This is also the reason why .ID is becoming increasingly popular.