With 'Chat' Sticker, Instagram Allows Group Conversations Inside Stories

There are a lot of social media networks out there, but only some can really shine, and Instagram is one of them.

The photo- and video-sharing app has been one of the very few places on the web where people can share their lives in a convincing, colorful and appealing manner. Since Stories is the thing that quickly gather attention, Instagram is giving it an update.

This time, the social media app is allowing users to start a group chat with followers directly from their Story.

To do this, when posting a Story, users can click on the Sticker button on the top-right corner. Here, they can select the 'Chat' sticker button. Users can then name the chat group, edit its colors, post the Story, and let the chat requests pour in.

From there, they can choose to accept or reject the incoming requests from followers.

Those that are accepted, will enter a DM chat room, which is similar to the existing Messages. During the conversation, the Story creator can add or remove anyone from the chat group, or end the conversation all together whenever they like.

In short, the creator has the ultimate control.

As with all Instagram DM chats, the maximum number of people users can add, is 32.

The group chat feature in Stories, is just a small addition. But still, it represents a grand scheme of things that underscores Facebook's ambitions for expansion. And that is by making Instagram not only a platform limited to sharing things and commenting, but also to communicate.

Users have been able to direct message each other for a while, but this group messaging sticker increases the usefulness of Instagram Stories as a social tool.

Instagram - Chat Stories

Social media networks are known to be great places to connect with people, no matter where they are or what they do.

They have created simple ways for users to communicate and engage in contents.

As for Instagram, its visually-pleasing content is the primary way for users to be occupied with its endless feed. And Stories, which was originally created by Snapchat, has become the invaluable tool for users to showcase what matters to their followers.

And the Chat Sticker here, should be useful for influencers, "celebgrams" and brands to connect with their followers in a major way.

Just like live-Storying, this feature makes it easier for users to interact with one another.

Those with a ton of followers know that connecting with fans is a massive part of being popular, but it can be hard to keep up with all of them. Instagram’s Chat Stickers can resolve that by creating a potential way for increasing follower engagement, by giving those followers a chance to chat together.

The feature can also be useful for those Instagram users who don't have that many followers, as it can bring more crowd to the rather quiet Story.