Google Introduces 'More results' Search Button For Mobile Users

Google is officially rolling out the 'More results' button, after confirming that it was testing the feature over the previous week.

The search button is an update to how Google Search shows more pages. Previously, users had to tap on the next arrow to advance to the next page, or the back arrow to go back to the previous page. With the 'More results' button, Google's results pages have a infinite scroll design.

When the button is tapped, Google will dynamically load more search results on the bottom of the previous page.

The announcement was tweeted by Google’s @SearchLiason account, confirming that 'More results' is replacing the previous 'Next' button on mobile search results.

Google explained that the 'More results' button will load more organic results first, before loading any relevant ads under the organic results.

The button will appear for users using Google Search on Google app on iOS and Android, and also on major browsers, except for Chrome on iOS, at the time of the announcement.

Google was first spotted testing the feature as early as December 2017. At that time, Google spokesperson said that: "We constantly experiment with new search formats and experiences to deliver the best experience for our users."