The Internet Changed Many Things in the Past, this Time, It Helps Us Adapt to the Future

Hafiz Rahman Sukarni
Founder of Eyerys

Hafiz Rahman Sukarni

Headlines are filled with bad news, followed by even more bad news. Every day, the media delivers different stories about the politics, violence, and disasters.

Most importantly, the world is facing a crisis, following the 'COVID-19' coronavirus pandemic.

While many countries have been showing good signs, signifying that their vaccine campaigns are working, the world is still fighting.

Humankind is still struggling.

But this time around, we humans have what previous generations didn't: and that is the access to better healthcare, and increasingly more capable computers and the internet.

With the advancing technologies, we humans have created chances that were not existent, we have developed new ways to earn a living, and of course, the ability to communicate, transact and socialize, even during lockdowns.

Optimism is the key.

It allows us to see the good thing in life, even if that good thing is a speck among a sea of online harassments, cyberbullies, relentless hacking campaigns, social media doing all sorts of invasive tracking, and more.

"For me, trying to be an optimist is not about knowing that life used to be worse. For me, it's about knowing that life can get better."

And when things do get better, finally or eventually, that moment will truly fuel that optimism to new heights.

The internet may be the source of many bad things in life. But at the same time, it's a place where people connect. It's where businesses thrive, it's a place where many people earn their living. The internet has helped solve big problems that needed to be solved, allowing people to see many parts of humanity that were previously obscured.

From memes to some online jokes, to vloggers that show how colorful this world is, and everything in between

While most of the news we see during this pandemic are about how countries deal with the coronavirus disease, and hearing world leaders trying a balancing act between imposing more lockdowns and opening the economy, we should continue imagining more ways to transform the community.

For those who conduct business through the internet, there are too many noises out there.

We need to filter them.

We need to hear everything, understand most of the things, but deal with only those that matter to us.

In this case, the first thing that I'm grateful is that, the pandemic isn't dragging Eyerys down.

The pandemic made us spend more on resources. But the good thing, we’re already used to remote working even before this crisis, meaning that the way we work isn’t changing much.

Because I'm keeping things small, it's a time like this that I’m grateful that we are.

Being small means that we’re more nimble.

Eyerys can change direction fairly quickly.

And because we’re a small team, we’re in this together. We’ll get through this together, as one. We’re on the same boat. And I’m glad that we all agree.

We live in the same world, sharing the same space, and breathing the same air. And this COVID-19 is a global event that causes a chain reaction that affects everything. During this pandemic, entrepreneurs’ only way to thrive is to adapt to the change.

Entrepreneurs need to understand the demand and see where the trend is going. Digitalization has been accelerated tremendously because of the pandemic, and we can thank the internet that helped many businesses with the resilience.

The internet changed many things in the past, and this time, it helps us adapt to the future.

And in this blessed month of Ramadan, let us hope that soon, there will be a sunshine after the rain.

Monday, May 3, 2021