Hacker Dumps The Entire SQL Database Of The Defunct IronMarch Neo-Nazi Forum


The IronMarch forum was a popular forum for far-right neo-nazi groups.

While the forum was relatively unknown to most web users, it was actually the birthplace of two of most extreme far-right neo-nazi movements: the Atomwaffen Division and SIEGE Culture, with the first being accused of being the brain behind several murders around the world.

And here, a hacker managed to get a hold of the forum's database, and published a dump of it to the internet.

The database includes a full copy of its content, including sensitive details such as emails, IP addresses, usernames, and private messages of its users.

With that shared with the public, the law enforcement and other government entities are analyzing the database, in hopes of linking its members information to other sites to expose their real-world identities.

The IronMarch forum
The IronMarch forum when before the owner took it down. (Credit: Internet Wayback Machine)

The IronMarch forum was launched in 2011 by Russian extremist Alexander “Slavros” Mukhitdinov, who reportedly allowed bomb-making instructions to spread on the site, and also wrote manifestos calling for fascism to be spread worldwide via campaigns of murder and terrorism.

For most of its time on the internet, the forum never were that popular. It was literally living in the shadows of other more well-known neo-nazi meeting sites like Stormfront, 4chan, 8chan, and Reddit. However, its isolation made it popular for other reasons.

For example, the forum attracted neo-nazi fanatics and white supremacy communities, which in turn made the forum received a lot more attention. As a result, the contents of the forum started to develop a culture that advocated violence, murder, and extreme racism.

In other words, IronMarch became a forum that hosted contents that most other websites wouldn't generally tolerate.

In 2015, forum members founded the 'Atomwaffen Division', a neo-nazi group that has been labeled a terrorist network due to its involvement in multiple murders. Then in 2017, IronMarch;s forum members spawned another extremist neo-nazi group called the SIEGE Culture.

As the two groups hit the spotlight and news, the world slowly learned about IronMarch existence. It didn't take long until the owner of the site put IronMarch offline in November 2017.

When that happened, it happened without any announcement.

The IronMarch forum that was influential in the development of so-called “accelerationist” neo-Nazi ideology, just went dark, with no prior notification to its users. This made people to speculate that the site was shut down to avoid law enforcement investigation.

Others thought that the owner has some bad intentions in mind.

The database dump not only reveals its users' information, as it also provides carbon copies of the whole site. In the dump, it is revealed that the site had 15,218 users, and the number of active users before it was put out of commission was 3,548.

With this database dump, the authorities are looking forward to unmask IronMarch users, hoping to track down some of the sociopaths born from the site.