Months After Creating Its TikTok Account, Apple Enlists Influencers To Promote Its iPhone 12 mini


Apple's TikTok account was created back in April 2020. But the Cupertino-based company left it dormant since it was created.

It had no biography, videos, or anything other than the verification badge.

But following the release of its highly anticipated iPhone 12 mini, Apple starts using its TikTok account to enlist influencers to promote the gadget.

In November, or seven months after Apple created its account on TikTok, the company published four video clips featuring TikTok influencers promoting the iPhone 12 mini, by including prominent influencers on the platform, like Jessica Wang, Julian Bass, Kevin B Parry, and Zach King.

Each clip features the influencers making various items shrink to a more compact size, including jackets, boxes, tables and cupcakes. The videos all end with the regular-sized iPhone 12 being shrunk down to an iPhone 12 mini.

Apple's TikTok verified account, showing videos from influencers promoting the iPhone 12 mini
Apple's TikTok verified account, showing videos from influencers promoting the iPhone 12 mini

The TikTok videos also challenge viewers to "make it mini," with a #makeitmini hashtag to kickstart the trend.

With these influencers having followers that range between over 800,000 to over 50 million, the campaign managed to quickly boost Apple's number of followers.

And as usual, Apple accounts on social media networks don't follow anyone.

Following the four influencers promoting the iPhone 12 mini, the number of Apple followers went up from a mere thousand to hundreds of thousands in less than a day.

TikTok that is backed by ByteDance, a Chinese company, faced legal challenges in the U.S., when Donald Trump's administration tried to ban the social media platform.

In November, the Commerce Department placed a stay on the ban pending legal developments.

But following Trump's election loss to Joe Biden, actions against the video app seems to be fading, at last at this time.

Apple's iPhone 12 series are the fourteenth-generation of the iPhones.

The 12 and 12 mini are the lower-priced iPhones, succeeding the iPhone 11. Unveiled at a virtual Apple Special Event on October 13, 2020, the phones were introduced alongside the higher-end iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max flagships at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

Among the upgrades over the predecessors, the lower-priced iPhones include a Super Retina XDR OLED as opposed to the Liquid Retina LED-backlit LCD IPS Panel on the iPhone 11 and XR. The phones also have 5G support, MagSafe, Apple A14 Bionic chip, and a high-dynamic-range video Dolby Vision 4K that supports up to 30 fps.;

The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Mini, like the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, are the first iPhones that come with no power adapter or EarPods.

The iPhone 12 mini packs a similar raw power to its 12 siblings. But since its a "mini", it's the smallest of the all, and also the cheapest.

For this particular reason, Apple sees TikTok as a potential for its campaign, knowing that the platform is packed with teenagers and youngsters.

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