Someone Unknown Moved More Than $1 Billion Worth Of Bitcoins, For Less Than $5 Fee


This October, the cryptocurrency world saw a number of Satoshi-era Bitcoins moving for the first time.

First, 50 Bitcoins were moved to a hot wallet at cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex. Days later, 1,000 Satoshi-Era Bitcoins were moved.

As if October 2020 has not seen enough newsworthy Bitcoin transaction events, this time, an anonymous cryptocurrency holder just completed the largest dollar-value Bitcoin transaction in history.

With Bitcoin's price remaining strong at around $13,000 per coin, the unknown person or entity, just moved more than $1 billion worth of the digital asset.

According to the data registered to, the owner moved more than 88,857 Bitcoins, for a fee of only 0.00027847 Bitcoins.

Converting that price, means that the owner paid less than $5 to move such huge amount of Bitcoins.

88,857 Bitcoins moved
The unknown individual or entity, moved 88,857 Bitcoins, and paid 0.00027847 Bitcoins in fee. (

The transaction that was confirmed on October 26, recorded in block 654364, is considered the largest movement of any cryptocurrency by fiat value.

As of the largest amount ot Bitcoins to ever be moved, it was back on November 16, 2011, when Mt. Gox exchanged moved 550,000 Bitcoins. That time, that amount was worth $1.32 million.

But if that amount is to be liquidated at this time, the Bitcoins would worth more than $7 billion.

Introduced back in 2009 by creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin has a maximum supply of 21 million. At this time, 19 million coins have been mined.

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